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1956: Empires under tension

XXIV Instituto de História Contemporânea's summer course

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Published on Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Keeping up with tradition, on September the Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC) starts the school year by organising a summer course open to all the community. This year, the subject will be “1956: Empires under Tension”, in a course coordinated by Fernando Rosas, Pedro Aires Oliveira, and Rui Aballe Vieira.



The course will discuss the major international issues that exerted a decisive influence on world politics from the second half of the fifties onwards. The year of 1956 serves as milestone, with talks focusing on three main subjects: the Cold War, the Decolonization process and the emerging European project.

The programme will cover the following thematic sections: the Suez Crisis and its sequels in the Third World and the anti-colonial movements; the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and its worldwide impact; the invasion of Hungary by the Warsaw Pact; the process leading to the birth of the EEC; the repercussions of such events in Portugal and its colonial dominions.

The course brings together young researchers and established scholars in their fields and will have as keynote-speakers Martin Evans (University of Sussex) and Robert McNamara (University of Ulster).


Registration is open on this link with a fee of 10€; however, it is free for New University of Lisbon students and IHC researchers.

Students only have to register to be accepted. The registration will be open until the room capacity is filled.


See the programme below or download the PDF here.

22nd September

I. The Suez crisis and its effects in the third world and the anti-colonial movements


Session moderated by Bruno Cardoso Reis (ICS)

  • 10h00-10h40 Opening Session"France and the Algerian War" - Martin Evans (University of Sussex)
  • 10h40-11h10 "The independence of Morocco and Spain’s last colonial conflict: the Ifni War" - Rui Aballe Vieira (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 11h10-12h40 Debate


Session moderated by Rui Lopes (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)

  • 14h30-15h00 "The Suez crisis and the twilight of empire" - Robert McNamara (University of Ulster)
  • 15h00-15h30 "The “Bandung effect” and the Western Colonial Powers" - Pedro Aires Oliveira e Luís Pais Bernardo (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 15h45-16h15 "Nasser, Pan-Arabism and their reception in Sub-Saharan Africa" - Mário Machaqueiro (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 16h15-16h45 "Trajectórias dos nacionalismos africanos lusófonos na década de 1950" - Augusto Nascimento (CH-FLUL)
  • 16h45-17h15 Debate

23rd September

II. The XX congress of the SPSU and its impact. The invasion of Hungary


Session moderated by José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro (UM-ICS)

  • 10h00-10h30 "O XX Congresso do PCUS" - José Pacheco Pereira
  • 10h30-11h00 "A URSS, a Hungria e a Polónia" - Carlos Gaspar (IPRI-UNL)
  • 11h00-11h30 "O PCP e o XX Congresso do PCUS: repercussões na Europa do Sul" - João Madeira (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 11h30-12h00 Debate


III. The process leading to the birth of the eec. The situation in portugal

Session moderated by Maria Inácia Rezola (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)

  • 14h00-14h30 "O ano de 1956 em Portugal" - Fernando Rosas (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 14h30-15h00 "A integração europeia" - António Goucha Soares (GHES-ISEG)
  • 15h00-15h30 "A Democracia-Cristã, a Social-Democracia e o projecto europeu" - Edmundo Alves (IHC-FCSH/NOVA)
  • 15h30-16h00 Debate

You may also download the course's poster here.


  • Room Multiusos 3 - Avenida de Berna, 26C
    Lisbon, Portugal (1069-061)


  • Thursday, September 22, 2016
  • Friday, September 23, 2016

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  • cold war, decolonization, european project, Suez Crisis, communist party, Soviet Union, Warsaw pact


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    courriel : comunicacao [dot] ihc [at] fcsh [dot] unl [dot] pt

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  • Diana Barbosa
    courriel : comunicacao [dot] ihc [at] fcsh [dot] unl [dot] pt


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