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Student movements and (post-)colonial emancipations

Transnational itineraries, dialogues and programmes

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Published on Tuesday, December 06, 2016


This one-day conference investigates the role of student movements in individual and collective emancipations, from the struggle for colonial liberation to the challenges posed by contemporary globalisation. This conference seeks to bring these various approaches together, in order to discuss the transnational and connected history of student engagements in colonial liberations and the critical reflection on the multilateral management of conflicts in the postcolonial period. It will investigate internal and external tensions, and the reorganisation of these movements in relation to pacifism, revolutionary struggle, conflict prevention and peace making. 



Université Paris Diderot

9 December 2016

Sophie Germain – Room 1013

Fabrique du Politique & Laboratoire de recherches sur les cultures anglophones (LARCA UMR 8225)

9h30: Welcome and introduction

9h45-10h45 Panel 1. Conceptualising rights and freedom: students, student movements and the emergence of new Atlantic worlds

Chair : Arlette Frund, Université François Rabelais / Collegium for African American Research

  • Existentialism and the student critique of colonialism, Rosie Germain, Liverpool Hope University
  • Rethinking Africa and the West: Francophone African Students’ reflections on the American Civil Rights and Black Power movements, Allyson Tadjer-Murrell, Georgia State University

Coffee break : 10h45-11h

11h-12h Panel 2. Acting for liberation across borders: actors, methods and outcomes

Chair: Mélanie Torrent, Université Paris Diderot

  • Indian nationalism, student terrorism and the politics of anticolonialism in Europe, 1905-1918, Ole Birk Laursen, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Jeunes, étudiants, catholiques : itinéraires militants entre la guerre d’Algérie et mai (1958-1968), Ettore Bucci, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa & Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po

14h15-15h15 Panel 3. The campus and beyond: national politics and transnational analyses in critical perspective

Chair : Myriam Yacoubi, Université Paris 8

  • New elite in the Israeli student movement: the arising of the right wing on campuses, 1965-1977, Doron Timor, Tel Aviv University
  • Le « moment 1972 » en Egypte : dimensions, enjeux et limites d’une protestation politique étudiante d’ampleur, Didier MonciaudCahiers d’histoire. Revue d’histoire critique (CHRHC)

Coffee break : 15h15-15h30

15h45-17h Panel 4. The politics and practices of memory in student movements: remembering the past, critiquing the present, imagining the future

Chair: Mark Meigs, Université Paris Diderot

  • Memorializing the 1970 Kent State student protest: the constructed rhetoric of a photographn, Camille Rouquet, LARCA, Paris Diderot
  • Decolon I Sing Wits: le mouvement étudiant sud-africain dans l’œuvre filmique d’Aryan Kaganof, Annael Le Poullennec, Paris Sciences et Lettres
  • Towards the ‘Not Yet’: radical practices of the student social movement in post-dictatorship Chile, Mina Baginova, University of Amsterdam

17h Round table on Etudiants africains en mouvement. Contribution à l’histoire des années 68 (Publications de la Sorbonne, 2016)

with Françoise Blum (Centre d’histoire sociale du XXè siècle, UMR 8058), Pierre Guidi (Institut des mondes africains, UMR 8171 CNRS, UMR 243 IRD), Didier Monciaud (Cahiers d’histoire. Revue d’histoire critique CHRHC) and Céline Pauthier (Centre d’études en sciences sociales sur les mondes africains, américains et asiatiques, UMR 245).

Contact : Mark Meigs ( and Mélanie Torrent (

Plan du Campus Paris Diderot:


  • Université Paris Diderot, Sophie Germain, Room 1013
    Paris, France (75013)


  • Friday, December 09, 2016


  • mouvement étudiant, postcolonial

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  • Mélanie Torrent
    courriel : melanietorrentupjv [at] gmail [dot] com


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