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Places, geo-literature and mediations: The Lorraine of writers in the French-speaking world

Lieux, géo-littérature et médiations : la Lorraine des écrivains dans l’espace francophone

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Published on Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Ce colloque privilégiera la problématique de la construction des liens entre territoire, espace, littérature et médiations au sein de l'espace francophone autour de trois axes : lieux, espaces et littérature, l’attractivité territoriale et touristique de la littérature, de la médiation à la médiatisation (écrivains, institutions, publics). Cette manifestation s'inscrit dans le programme « La Lorraine des écrivains » qui propose un panorama littéraire incluant un recensement géolocalisé (d’auteurs, d’œuvres, de manifestations…) et une approche des activités de médiation autour des écrivains et de la littérature (base de données, entretiens, enquêtes, articles scientifiques…).


30 November-1 December 2017, University of Luxembourg - Belval


Carole Bisenius-Penin


After the first international meeting organized by the Centre de recherche sur les médiations (CREM) in December 2016, the scientific program "La Lorraine des écrivains" concludes with an international conference on the Belval campus in Luxembourg. This project relies on a cross-border cooperation, based on a partnership between the University of Lorraine (CREM) and the University of Luxembourg (the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning).

The aim of the program is to network regional operators in a specific territory in order to ensure a national and cross-border visibility of Lorraine on book-related activities, through the creation of a literary cartography of the territory, with a cultural and tourist vocation, built around three dimensions: literary life, creation and heritage. The project has a specific digital focus with the creation of a website (http://lalorrainedesecrivains.univ-lorraine.fr)  which offers a database, a literary panorama of Lorraine including a geolocalized survey of authors, works and events and covers the various mediations dealing with writers and literature (database, interviews, surveys, scientific articles ...).

The 2017 edition of the conference intends to go beyond the Lorraine region to consider other French-speaking territories. This change in focus offers a different context for several questions: how do creators, mediators (cultural policy officials, cultural institutions, art-supporting organizations), and audiences inform the types of mediation that exist between literature and territory? How can literary creation, or heritage, make it possible to rethink and energize the territory? In short, can literature, in its various forms, through places, devices, actors, constitute a vector of development?

This conference will therefore focus on the articulation of territory, space, literature and mediation. Three main themes are proposed :

1) Places, spaces and literature

From the landscape (Besse, 2000) to the city (Levy, 2006, Grésillon, 2008), to "topophilia" (Tuan, 1974), the atlas (Moretti, 2000), the promenade (Montandon, 2000) or hyper-places (Lussault M., 2016), it will be necessary to examine how the “inhabited space", imagined through literature and its mediations, allows us to decipher a meaning of a place and offers forms of access to the world.

2) The territorial and touristic attractiveness of literature

Do literature and literary life constitute a specific resource (Gumuchian and Pecqueur, 2007) to understand the relations between creation and territories (Fournier, 2016). Both their material (works, writers’ houses, festivals, awards…) and immaterial (literary landscapes, places and their representations) dimensions will be considered here.

3) From mediation to mediatization (writers, institutions, audiences)

Lastly, it will be interesting to investigate the visibility (Heinich, 2012) of authors on a territory, through the multiple forms of intervention, and presence of thewriters (authors residence, performance, writing workshops...) in the medias (Meizoz, 2016). In this perspective, can also be considered the ways different actors and audiences (book professionals, elected officials, residents, tourists, journalists, associations, etc.) take literature out of the book (Ruffel, 2010).

Organization and guidelines

The conference will take place on 30 November and 1 December 2017 at the University of Luxembourg, on the Belval Campus.

The working language will be French.

Each participant will have 20 minutes to present.

The proposals (approximately 5000 characters), in Word or PDF format, as well as a brief bio-bibliographical notice (profession, research field, institution, publications) should be sent to the following address: carole.bisenius-penin@univ-lorraine.fr


  • Deadline for the reception of proposals (abstracts): 31 May 2017

  • Deadline for confirmation of acceptance or rejection: 15 June 2017
  • Deadline for the reception of texts: 1 September 2017 (30 000 to 50 000 signs spaces not included + abstract in 10 lines, French and English + 6-7 keywords in both languages)
  • Publication: December 2017


  • Wednesday, May 31, 2017


  • territoire, lieu, littérature, géographie, médiation, espace francophone, culture


  • Sandrine D'Alimonte
    courriel : sandrine [dot] dalimonte [at] univ-lorraine [dot] fr
  • Carole Bisenius-Penin
    courriel : carole [dot] bisenius-penin [at] univ-lorraine [dot] fr

Information source

  • Carole Bisenius-Penin
    courriel : carole [dot] bisenius-penin [at] univ-lorraine [dot] fr


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