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Mètis. Anthropologie des mondes anciens journal - Varia section

Revue « Mètis. Anthropologie des mondes anciens » - Varia

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Published on Wednesday, May 03, 2017


The Editorial Board of Mètis. Anthropology of the Ancient Worlds (history, philology, archaeology, philosophy), a journal with an international reading committee, wishes to inform you that we accept unpublished articles (in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, modern Greek) for the Varia section of each issue.



Created in 1986, in the Centre Louis Gernet, as the result of a collaboration between Greek and French hellenists, Mètis proposes every year to the scientific community a selection of articles analyzing Greek and Roman society from an anthropological and historical perspective. « Independent and open » as Jean-Pierre Vernant wanted it, the journal promotes an approach to the Ancient world that draws upon the broad pluridisciplinary range of sciences of antiquity (history, philology, archaeology, philosophy) and fosters both a variety of topics  and the renewal of methodologies. Each issue contains a thematic ‘dossier’ and Varia. The first series of Mètis (1986-2002) can be consulted on the Persée portal ; the new series (starting in 2003) will be available on line on OpenEdition Books in september 2017.

Submission guidelines

Authors can download guidelines here and send their texts to both of the following addresses : stella.georgoudi@ehess.fr and violaine.sebillotte@univ-paris1.fr

Editorial board

  • Vincent Azoulay,
  • Nicole Belayche,
  • Sandra Boehringer,
  • Cléo Carastro,
  • Catherine Darbo-Peschanski,
  • Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux,
  • Stella Georgoudi,
  • Florence Gherchanoc,
  • Frédérique Ildefonse,
  • François Lissarrague,
  • Nicos Nicolau,
  • Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet,
  • Stéphanie Wyler,
  • Athanassia Zografou

Scientific directors

  • Stella Georgoudi,
  • Violaine Sebillotte Cuchet

Editorial assistant

  • Agnès Tapin


  • Paris, France (75002)


  • Sunday, December 31, 2017


  • histoire antique, anthropologie culturelle, monde grec, monde romain, anthropologie politique, genre, anthropologie visuelle, histoire culturelle


  • Agnès Tapin
    courriel : agnes [dot] atpin [at] ehess [dot] fr

Reference Urls

Information source

  • Agnès Tapin
    courriel : agnes [dot] atpin [at] ehess [dot] fr


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