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Published on Tuesday, September 05, 2017


Cette manifestation scientifique originale et transversale se fonde sur la présentation de différentes approches autour du thème de l'innovation collaborative dans un objectif de valoriser les recherches actuelles et promouvoir des recherches futures. L'objectif du workshop est de croiser les regards des chercheurs ayant des approches différentes (gestionnaire, sociologue, ingénieur, économiste) ainsi que des institutionnels (financement et gouvernance) sur les questions liées à l’innovation collaborative dans un objectif de mise en place de projets de recherche futurs et l’édition du numéro spécial de la revue Journal of Innovation Economics & Management.


Program of 2017 13-minute Innovation Presentations

  • Christophe MIDLER, Innovating backwards: strategy and design for a frugal world

The implementation of innovation strategies that are appropriate for high-growth emerging markets is a major challenge for companies but it raises many questions: How can these strategies of frugal supply be implemented in more traditional businesses? What organization and methodologies of design can be used to adapt products to local needs, when design standards are conceived for mature markets? What are the issues and the methods for cooperating with local industrialists? The presentation addresses these issues in light of an emblematic case: the Kwid project of the Renault-Nissan Alliance for emerging countries.

Professor Christophe Midler is a Research Director at the CNRS and is Innovation Management Professor at the Ecole polytechnique. He specializes in research on project management, innovation strategy and R&D organization. His numerous publications on these topics include the books: "L'auto qui n'existait pas", "The Logan Epic", "Management de l'innovation et globalisation" and "Rethinking Innovation and Design for Emerging Markets".

  • Cristiane STAINSACK, Local innovation and global integration: a collaborative approach in the innovation ecosystem in Brazil

The innovation activities of multinational companies that operate in emerging countries require thinking about their integration in local innovation ecosystems. In Brazil, the cooperation of subsidiaries with local partnerships positively influences the next generation of innovations with fewer risks and lower investments, especially through the pooling of knowledge and skills. We have noted that these subsidiaries are developing local innovations with strong potential for transfer towards the global market through an inversed innovation process.

Cristiane STAINSACK is an expert in Innovation Management with professional experience in the Brazilian industrial ecosystem. She is currently preparing her PhD in Business at the University Paris Dauphine, France. She is also an active member of the French-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and contributes to its development.

  • Peter ZETTINIG, Cross-industry innovation ecosystems: driving convergence towards Industry 4.0

The presentation will focus on the Autonomous Shipping Project currently undertaken in Finland in order to answer the following questions: How does it turn conventional wisdom in many companies from different industries upside down? How does it redefine value co-creation concepts and boundary spanning and how does it potentially create a multitude of novel business concept innovations?

Peter ZETTINIG is adjunct professor in International Business at the University of Turku. His research interests include firms’ strategizing and innovation development in business ecosystems.

  • Nathalie SAINT-MARCEL, The Mountain Cluster: a collective organization at the service of economic development and attractiveness for tourists

How did a group of French mountain specialist companies get organized in order to promote French excellence internationally with regard to the development of tourist areas in the mountains? The presentation highlights the agile organization of companies and stakeholders involved in training and research as well as institutions to stimulate the marketing of innovations, using the expertise of more than 200 experts in this very special field.

With a double degree in International Business and Foreign Languages, Nathalie SAINT-MARCEL worked at export departments of several companies. She was also part of the International Department of Chamber of Commerce from Savoie in France. She integrated the Industrial Cluster Mountain in 2005 after a MBA degree focused on Sport Companies. Nathalie SAINT-MARCEL is now Deputy Director of this Cluster, specialized on the development of the Mountain French Tourism Sector.

  • Hue DIE, The Chinese case in collaborative innovation through licensing policy

The innovation system in China is being subjected to multiple transformations with two essential levers: speed and scale. Relationships between industry, public authorities and universities are increasingly based on a collaborative innovation model. Hue Die opens the debate about the influencing factors and the obstacles that remain to licensing the main tools for implementing this collaborative innovation model.

Hue DIE is a PhD student at the Business School, Sichuan University, China. She collaborates with Liliana Mitkova in the Hubert Curien research program dedicated to Open innovation management.

  • Laurence FORNARI, International co-creation of a unique and memorable VR experience with a multicultural and multidisciplinary team

In her presentation, Laurence Fornari, co-founder of Skylights, will talk about the adventure undertaken to bring a French high-tech solution to a US-dominated entertainment industry. Skylights, an award-winning American-French start-up, leverages VR headset technology to offer a uniquely immersive cinematic experience for premium passengers in cooperation with customers in the travel business, entertainment content distributors and technological partners from around the world.

Laurence FORNARI is Co-founder and Head of sales of Skylights. Her 15+ year career in Silicon Valley and Sophia Antipolis has spanned the launch of major disruptive technologies in video and mobile devices.

  • Albert MEIGE, "Open organization: what makes a difference"

The first industrial revolution gave birth to companies as we know them today. The third industrial revolution is bringing about new forms of enterprise. A major specificity of these new firms is linked to the concept of open organization. Albert Meige's intervention helps to better understand the disruptive tendencies that restructure the activity and organization of companies and to define the contours and characteristics of open organizations.

Albert Meige has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, when he started doing magic shows. He is the founder and president of PRESANS/France, an international digital platform for experts and Head of the eMBA at Télécom Ecole de Management. He authored several books on innovation, including "Innovation Intelligence" (2015).

  • Steve DIASO, A Long Strange Trip: How Music Influenced Open and Collaborative Innovation

Music influences our culture, morals, and emotions.  Music has also influenced how we innovate. Using music as our lens and our study of IBM’s Innovation Jams, we will go on a long, strange trip to understand how the music genre of a jamband has influenced how we open and collaboratively innovate.

Steve Diaso is a professor of management at Katie Tiedemann College of Business, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, USA. He introduces many innovative education methods and his research is focused on untraditional aspects of collaborative innovation management.

From 2.30 PM to 7 PM

Research Discussion concerning:

  •  The concept of collaborative innovation and the main topics presented in the morning
  •  Further European research projects related to Collaborative Innovation
  •  Editorial strategy: book, special issue in RRI

Registration : http://multiweb.univ-evry.fr/rinnodi_form/



  • Telecom Ecole De Management, Amphi Étoile - 9 rue Charles Fourier
    Évry, France (91)


  • Tuesday, October 10, 2017


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  • Mitkova Liliana
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