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Foucault face à la norme

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Published on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Le colloque « Foucault face à la norme » s'inscrit dans une série de colloques ambitionnant de questionner un auteur, sa trajectoire de vie autant que son  œuvre, sur la question des normes telle qu'elle se pose avec acuité dans nos sociétés contemporaines.


Faculty of Law of Orléans, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November 2018



Foucault's thought has interested lawyers since its start. Frequently questioned from the point of view of politics, law and more particularly of criminal law, Foucault's work is fruitful for the Law theory. Now well known to specialists, it reveals its potential on the specific issue of the disproportionate development of both private and public standards in our societies. Then, the challenge of this new question would be to confront Michel  Foucault’s work with the problematic of norms above disciplines. This is in this departitioning that the originality of his thought, and especially his fertile character for the theory of law could be best determined.

  • Can Foucault offer a framework of thought to the theory of law in competition with other contemporary normativities, in particular those of ethics, digital technology, and management?
  • Is there, in this sense, a Foucauldian concept of the norm capable of putting into dialogue these competing normativities, and which could provide lessons for a renewal of the law theory ?
  • To what extent can Foucault's thought help us understand and act on the exponential development of norms of all kinds that our Western societies are experiencing?
  • Does his lifelong political and personal commitment also draw a posture to the norm that can guide us as a researcher and a citizen?


The Foucault symposium facing the norm is part of a series of conferences confronting an author to the problematic of  standard. Already initiated with Roland Barthes (https://www.u-picardie.fr/barthesvsnorme/), this series continues with this symposium devoted to Michel Foucault, which reiterates the same format: an interdisciplinary and international two-day symposium bringing together specialists of the author in all disciplines and lawyers interested in making the link with the law theory. The prospect of this series of conferences, which will continue with Deleuze, Derrida, Levinas, and then Bourdieu, outlines possible ways of bypassing, struggling, and emancipating from the norms, thought and lived by some of the most inspiring authors of the twentieth century.

The series of conferences Facing the norm is part of the research theme on the mutation of norms of the Pothier Legal Research Center of the University of Orléans and of the Research Focus Technique(s) and history of the norm of the Center of Private Law and Criminal Sciences of the University of Amiens.  

Proposals, in English or French and limited to 500 words, should be sent to foucaultvsnorme@u-picardie.fr before January 31, 2018

Description of the conference 

Nature of the event: international and interdisciplinary symposium

Field of study: French theory, legal normativity and other normativities

Date of the event: 15 and 16 November 2018

Place: University of Orléans, Faculty of Law


  • Cyril Sintez (lecturer, University of Orléans, CRJ Pothier)
  • Emeric Nicolas (lecturer in private law, UPJV, CEPRISCA),

Partner laboratories: Center of Pothier Legal Research (CRJP EA 1212), Center of Private Law and Criminal

Sciences of Amiens (CEPRISCA EA 3911)

Publication of planned acts: yes

Deadline for submission of proposals: 31 January 2018

Form of proposals: 500 words

Return of the scientific committee: early March 2018

Contact address: foucaultvsnorme@u-picardie.fr

The symposium "Foucault facing the norm" is part of a series of conferences striving to question an author, his life trajectory as much as his work, on the question of standards that it is acutely raised in our contemporary societies. 

Scientific committee 

Proposals for contributions will be submitted to the Scientific Committee composed of the following lecturers: 

  •   Mark Antaki, Professor McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  •   Frédéric Audren, Professor at Sciences Po Paris
  •   Cédric Glineur, Professor at the University of Amiens
  •   Jacques Leroy, Professor at the University of Orléans
  •   Emeric Nicolas, Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Amiens
  •   François Priet, Professor at the University of Orléans
  •   Pierre Schlag, Professor at the University of Colorado, United States of America
  •   Cyril Sintez, Lecturer at the University of Orléans
  •   Piotr Szwedo, Lecturer at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow
  •   Catherine Thibierge, Professor at the University of Orléans - Mikhail Xifaras, Professor at Sciences Po Paris



  • Rue de blois
    Orléans, France (45)


  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • Friday, November 16, 2018


  • normativité, norme, droit, théorie du droit, Michel Foucault, french theory


  • Cyril Sintez
    courriel : cyril [dot] sintez [at] univ-orleans [dot] fr

Information source

  • Cyril Sintez
    courriel : cyril [dot] sintez [at] univ-orleans [dot] fr


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