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Insights looking at language

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Published on Thursday, February 15, 2018


Ce numéro thématique de Language, Discourse & Society se focalise sur les exclusions sociales et les enjeux de pouvoir associés. L'exclusion sociale peut être appréhendée comme un ensemble d'actions plus ou moins concertées, situées dans le temps et dans l'espace, et exécutées par une personne vis-à-vis d'un tiers. Une attention particulière est accordée au langage en tant qu'outil de l'exclusion sociale, mais aussi de résistance à une telle discrimination et oppression.


Thematic issue of Language, Discourse, & Society, a journal published by the Research Committee 25 “Language and Society” of the International Sociological Association, ISSN:  2239-4192, indexed in ERIH Plus.

Guest Editors

  • Frida Petersson (Göteborgs Universitet, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Sweden)
  • Stéphanie Cassilde (Centre d’Etudes en Habitat Durable, Belgium)


Social exclusion may be approached as a more or less concerted action, situated in time and space, and executed by someone towards another part. This thematic issue of Language, Discourse & Society focuses on language as a tool for social exclusion, but also for resistance to such discrimination and oppression.

Rather than approaching exclusion as pre-existing condition and action, contributions are encouraged to attend to the language and discourses utilised by specific actors, located in space and time, to control, guard – or challenge – borders against the entry of unwanted individuals or groups. The situations and contexts to be considered may be contemporary institutional practices and activities aiming at responsibility attribution, support, or inclusion of members of allegedly excluded and/or oppressed groups and people. Diverse institutional practices may be considered, across organizations, with a focus on how language use is entangled in exclusionary processes leading up to people being denied access to social, economic, material, cultural and/or political resources.

Submissions may include different methodologies, such as analyses of interaction, discourse, narratives and ethnomethodology. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are welcome. Contributions dealing primarily with theoretical and/or methodological challenges in empirical studies of discourse as situated action will also be appreciated. Articles highlighting contending voices and counter-discourses developed by those categorized as the “Other” are especially welcome.

Language, Discourse, & Society is an international peer-reviewed journal, focused on advancing sociological knowledge concerning language, face-to-face interaction, and other language-related social phenomena. The objective is to look at language from a sociological and/or a sociolinguistic perspective. This will be taken into account in the selection of articles for this upcoming issue “Power and social exclusion: Insights looking at language.”

Submission guidelines

In line with Language, Discourse, & Society policy, English, French and Spanish submissions are considered.

Full original articles may be submitted to Frida Petersson (frida.petersson@socwork.gu.se) and Stéphanie Cassilde (stephanie.cassilde@cehd.be)

by the 9th of April 2018.

If there is any question, authors are invited to contact the guest-editors.

This thematic issue will be published in December 2018.

Please follow the author guidelines indicated at the following URL, which includes a template for formatting: http://www.language-and-society.org/journal/instructions.html



  • Monday, April 09, 2018


  • exclusion, langage, pouvoir


  • Stéphanie Cassilde
    courriel : stephanie [dot] cassilde [at] ronininstitute [dot] org

Information source

  • Stéphanie Cassilde
    courriel : stephanie [dot] cassilde [at] ronininstitute [dot] org


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