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Published on Thursday, June 21, 2018


Les guerres de religion françaises sont majoritairement étudiées dans leurs perspectives nationale et locale. Ce colloque souhaite donner toute sa place aux approches transnationales qui offrent de nouvelles perspectives à la compréhension de ces guerres.


Transnational Approaches to the French Wars of Religion est un colloque international qui se tient à University of York (Angleterre), 6-7 juillet 2018. Il est organisé par Eric Durot (University of York), avec le soutien de la Commission Européenne (Marie-Curie Actions).


Vendredi 6 juillet

9.00 Réception des participants

9.15–9.45 Opening Remarks and Introduction by Eric Durot (University of York):

The First War of Religion was Transnational, 1559–63

9.45–11.05 1st Session: Changing the Viewing Angles                                 

  • Violet Soen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):

Transregional Dynamics: Rethinking the French Wars of Religion from a Borderlands Perspective

  • Bertrand Haan (Sorbonne Université):

The Spanish Way to consider the French Wars of Religion


11.40–13.00 2nd Session: The Circulation of Writings and News

  • Mack Holt (George Mason University):

The Role of International Printing Presses in the French Wars of Religion

  • Rosanne Baars (Universiteit van Amsterdam):

Reactions in the Netherlands to the News about St-Bartholomew’s Day Massacre


14.10–15.30 3rd Session: Suspects and Spies in a Transnational Context of Fear

  • Penny Roberts (University of Warwick):

Betrayal across Borders: The Treatment of Foreign Spies and Traitors

  • Sara Beam (University of Victoria):

Fear in the French Borderlands: The Case of Geneva, 1562–70

Coffee Break

16.00–17.20 4th Session: The French Experience Exported

  • Megan Armstrong (McMaster University):

The Religious Wars, Bourbon Imperialism and the Custody of the Holy Land, 1604–1700

  • Stuart Carroll (University of York):

Gallomania: The Export of French Style


Samedi 7 juillet

9.15–11.15  5th Session: New Diplomatic Perspectives                                     

  • Estelle Paranque (New College of the Humanities, London):

Overcoming Political and Religious Differences: Elizabeth I of England and Charles IX of France’s Relations after St-Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

  • Jonas van Tol (Universiteit Leiden):

Beyond Diplomacy: Taking a Transnational Approach to Franco-German Relations during the French Wars of Religion

  • Lana Martysheva (Sorbonne Université)

The Pope, the King and a Third Actor: The City of Rome at the End of the French Wars of Religion

Coffee Break

11.40–12.40 Keynote Lecture by Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield):

Peacemaking in the Shadows of the Past: The ‘Pax Hispanica’ (1598-1621) in the Context of the Wars of Religion

12.40 Conclusion

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  • King's Manor, University of York, Exhibition Square, York
    York, Britain (YO1 7EP)


  • Friday, July 06, 2018
  • Saturday, July 07, 2018

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  • histoire transnationale, guerres de religion, France moderne, Huguenots, diplomatie


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    courriel : eric [dot] durot [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk

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  • éric durot
    courriel : eric [dot] durot [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk


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