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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal published by Çankaya University

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Veröffentlicht am Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018


Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, an open-access and peer-reviewed international journal published by Çankaya University in Ankara, is currently accepting submissions of articles and book reviews for its forthcoming issue devoted to translation studies.



We’re looking for original papers at the intersection of language and translation studies, linguistics, foreign language education, translator education, language and psychology, literary studies and translation, comparative literature, and theory and cultural studies. The mission of the Journal is to facilitate a more expanded and participatory academic discussion on the theoretical and/or applied scholarly work under its scope, and to inform scholars and public about recent developments in these fields.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be between 6000-8000 words in length and submitted in Microsoft Word format. All referencing, citation, footnotes and reference list (works cited) should be prepared in accordance with Modern Language Association (MLA) Citation Style, 8th Edition.

Please email submissions to:

(Authors should prepare an anonymous file in accordance with the guidelines listed at under Author’s Kit and Publishing Guidelines).

Author's kit

  • Articles must be original work written in English and should be between 6,000-8,000 words in length.
  • All articles should have English (and Turkish) abstracts. Abstracts should be about 150 words, not exceeding 200 words at the most. No more than five keywords are desired.
  • All authors should submit the electronic copy via e-mail attachment in PC format and using a Microsoft Word document, versions 2007 or higher.
  • The entire text should be typed in standard word processing programs, using 12pt Cambria, and the authors should allow 3,5 cm page margin on the left and 2,5 cm margins on all other sides. The main text should be 1,15 spaced; however, the abstracts, keywords, tables, and the reference list should maintain single line spacing and must adhere to the rules of the MLA style. Please refer to
  • When appropriate, photos, drawings, etc. may be submitted with a manuscript to the editorial office. Their use will be at the editor’s discretion. Images of high resolution should be sent in electronic format. The Journal publishes only in black and white so images should be in sufficient contrast to reproduce well.
  • Authors must avoid putting their names in headers of footers and avoid any references to themselves in the body or the endnotes which might betray their identity to referees. However, all submissions must include a cover sheet or letter that includes the author’s name, institutional affiliation, land-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.
  • We encourage authors to refer to the Article Template before the final submission.

General Manager

  • Prof. Dr. Buket AKKOYUNLU, Çankaya University


  • MUSTAFA KIRCA, Çankaya University

English Language Editor

  • HYWEL DIX, Bournemouth University

Editorial Assistant

  • GÜLDEN TANER, Çankaya University

Editorial Board and Field Editors

  • BUKET AKKOYUNLU, Çankaya University (Educational Sciences)
  • HYWEL DIX, Bournemouth University (Cultural Studies)
  • ERTUĞRUL KOÇ, Çankaya University (Translation Studies)
  • ÖZLEM UZUNDEMİR, Çankaya University (Comparative Literature)
  • ASLI GÖNCÜ KÖSE, Çankaya University (Psychology)
  • MUSTAFA KIRCA, Çankaya University (English Language and Literature)

Scientific Advisory Board

  • A.ALEV YEMENİCİ, Çankaya University
  • ALİ DÖNMEZ, Çankaya University
  • BERKEM SAĞLAM, Çankaya University
  • BİLAL KIRKICI, Middle East Technical University
  • BURÇİN EROL, Hacettepe University
  • CARNOT NELSON, University of South Florida
  • DEBORAH CARTMELL, De Montford University
  • DOUGLAS ROBINSON, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • ELISABETTA MARINO, University of Rome
  • ELMAR HUSEYNOV, Avrasya University
  • EROL ÖZÇELİK, Çankaya University
  • EZGİ TUNA, Çankaya University
  • GÖLGE SEFEROĞLU, Middle East Technical University
  • GÜRKAN DOĞAN, Maltepe University H.
  • CANAN SÜMER, Middle East Technical University
  • HAMİT COŞKUN, Abant Izzel Baysal University
  • HYWEL DIX, Bournemouth University
  • IŞIN BENGİ-ÖNER, Istanbul 29 Mayis University
  • ISMAİL H. DEMİRDÖVEN, Hacettepe University
  • İSMAİL İSMAİLOV, Avrasya University
  • JOHANN PILLAI, Çankaya University
  • MARGARET SÖNMEZ, Middle East Technical University
  • MATHEW GUMPERT, Boğaziçi University
  • MEHMET ALİ ÇELİKEL, Pamukkale University
  • MERVE TOPCU, Çankaya University
  • NAZMİ AĞIL, Koç University
  • NESLİHAN EKMEKÇİOĞLU, Çankaya University
  • NEVİN GÜNGÖR, Hacettepe University
  • NİL KORKUT NAYKI, Middle East Technical University
  • ONORINA BOTEZAT, Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University
  • PATRICK QUINN, Cambridge University
  • SILA ŞENLEN, Ankara University
  • UĞUR ÖNER, Çankaya University
  • ÜNSAL YETİM, Mersin University
  • W.J.T. MITCHELL, University of Chicago


  • Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018
  • Samstag, 15. Dezember 2018


  • language, translation, literature, foreign language education, theory



  • Mustafa KIRCA
    courriel : mkirca [at] gmail [dot] com


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