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Published on Monday, April 29, 2019


The new scientific Journal City & Tourism is launching its first call for article. We will favor unpublished articles based on the fields of geography (cultural, human and environmental) as well as management and marketing-communication. Empirical work from field surveys is also expected.



City & Tourism - The Journal of City Tourism is the first open access scientific journal devoted to the city and its tourism, the city and its changes, as well as the various leisure activities associated with locals and tourists.

This proposal for a new Journal is explained by the acceleration of the practice of city tourism which is spread widely on a worldwide scale (weekend holidays – city break). This review has a scientific committee, an editorial committee, foreign directors and correspondents.

This scientific journal publishes original articles, special issues, book reviews, interviews and critical commentaries on different formats (text, video, audio and image).

There is no submission or publication fee for City & Tourism Journal. The journal proposes a scrupulous policy of reviewing scientific articles. The identity of the parties is always hidden with a double-blind peer review. We are a scientific journal without restriction of access on Internet, it will soon be doubled of a paper edition thanks to a sponsor-sponsor for special issues.

We base our development and notoriety on the quality of published scientific articles, as well as on our ability to develop debates on the themes of urban tourism and the changing city.

Journal of city tourism aspires to work on various themes that bring meaning and emulation in the field of disciplinary fields of research in the humanities and social sciences. We favor two complementary approaches allowing us to give a precise portrait of tourist cities: a marketing approach (economic, communication, management, marketing, governance) and a geographical approach (spatial, human, cultural, environmental).

We approach the analysis of city tourism from a multidisciplinary perspective. We want to become the protagonists and animators of the debates in the field of city tourism, while developing a renewed knowledge and a global scientific approach to city tourism and its possible implications.

Our ambition is to encourage, value, stimulate and involve all goodwill on a type of tourism that has become essential for private actors (receptive, financial groups, TO, new companies, startups, Internet giants , basin of employment and enterprise), but also public (ministry, local authorities, elected officials, developers) and associative, not to mention the architects, urban planners and landscaper.


Eight types of contributions are possible:

  1. A special issue, by recognized authors who want to work on a specific theme.
  2. A scientific article responding to a specific article call or permanent call.
  3. A video of less than 15 minutes with a comment.
  4. A portfolio of 20 photographs with commentary.
  5. An article of popular science for a specific section of the journal.
  6. A debate, an interview, a special event.
  7. A reading report.
  8. A podcast on Spotify / iTunes / Deezer / You Tube / Google Play App (interview, debate, sound of the city or summary-transcript of an article submitted to the journal).

Terms of submission

Proposals must include a title, a summary (3000 characters spaces included) and the chosen axis. They are to be submitted to cityandtourism@gmail.com

before June 30, 2019.

Provisional timetable

  • Return of the article proposals: June 30, 2019

  • Acceptance of the Editorial Committee: Monday, September 30, 2019
  • First version of the article: December 2019
  • Publication: April 2020

Scientific Committee

  • Nacima Baron
  • Dominique Crozat
  • Ron Davidson
  • Elsa Devienne
  • Renzo Lecardane
  • Erick Leroux
  • Charly Machemehl
  • Gabriele Manella
  • Aurora Pedro
  • Christine Petr
  • Marie-Laure Poulot
  • Juan Ignacio Pulido Fernández 
  • Jean-Paul Volle

The Board

Director: Patrice Ballester

Chiefs Editors: Patrice Ballester & Michèle Brassard

Tourism Professional and Correspondent: Sylvie Rouillon Valdiguié


  • Sunday, June 30, 2019


  • Ville, tourisme, géographie, gestion, marketing, communication, gouvernance, paysage, économie, espace, urbanisme, architecture


  • Patrice Ballester
    courriel : patrice [dot] ballester [at] gmail [dot] com

Information source

  • Patrice Ballester
    courriel : patrice [dot] ballester [at] gmail [dot] com


CC0-1.0 This announcement is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

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