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Clausewitz as a practical philosopher

Special Issue of the Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence

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Publicado segunda, 30 de março de 2020


Clausewitz, still perhaps the most important and referenced theorist of war, was deeply influenced by the thought and philosophy of his own time. Although Clausewitz rejected an abstract philosophy of war, he highlighted that his approach was a philosophical attempt to understand war. His “wondrous trinity,” as well as his dialectics of defense and offense are essentially hybrid conceptualizations. By elaborating the philosophical foundations of Clausewitz’s theory, this special issue aims to contribute to a better understanding of the ongoing transformation of war and violent action in a globalized world.



The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV) is devoted to fostering discussion at the interface of philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology and political theory. The journal welcomes original articles providing philosophical insights about topics such as conflict, war, crime, and aggression. The PJCV encompasses contributions from the history of philosophy to more interdisciplinary studies. Specifically, the main ambition of the journal is to form a database on the conceptual, metaphysical, ethical and epistemological issues related to past and contemporary phenomena of violence.

The PJCV is double-blind peer-reviewed and published bi-annually in May and December. In order to avoid thematic fuzziness, each issue will begin with a focus section featuring contributions addressing a specific topic. The subjects are announced in advance in each issue’s call for papers. Besides, the open section of the journal provides a place for general contributions to conflict and violence. The editors encourage critical discussions involving a wide range of disciplines. The requirements are clarity of expression and rigorous argumentation.

PJCV welcomes submissions throughout the year on subjects related to the scope of the journal (non-binding to special issues): philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, political theory, conflict, war, crime, aggression, etc.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interactions to the extreme, past and present
  • Revolution in military thinking in Clausewitz’s work
  • Towards a social-philosophy of war based on Clausewitz’s conceptualization of violence
  • Clausewitz and education (Education as philosophy – Clausewitz, Schiller, enlightenment and romanticism)
  • Hybridity, paradoxes, wondrous trinity and the dialectics of defense and offense
  • Clausewitz and his exchange with Fichte
  • Plato and Clausewitz (about the causes of war?)
  • Clausewitz and the rational of probability and chance
  • Are there rules for orchestrating hybridity in warfare? Clausewitz as a starting point, not already the solution?
  • The tension between technique and method versus the primacy of politics
  • Politics/policy as separated realm or an holistic concept
  • Instrumental view of war versus war as a kind of praxis
  • Clausewitz’s and Sun Tzu’s way of thinking
  • Clausewitz and the Thucydides trap – implementing fear in practical philosophy
  • The absolute and the ideal war – beyond Max Weber’s ideal type
  • Purpose, aims and means – a hierarchical conceptualization or a floating balance - in search for a different rationale

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should be sent to Andreas Herberg-Rothe (andreas.herberg-rothe@sk.hs-fulda.de) and Andreas Wilmes (the editor-in-chief of the journal) (andreas.wilmes@trivent-publishing.eu)

until the 1st of July 2020

Decision notifications will be sent by the 15th of September. Full papers should be submitted by the 15th of January 2021.


  • Andreas Herberg-Rothe

The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence is an open access journal which can be accessed here: https://trivent-publishing.eu/32-philosophical-journal-of-conflict-and-violence-pjcv


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  • Clausewitz, war, vonflict, violence


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    courriel : andreas [dot] wilmes [at] trivent-publishing [dot] eu
  • Andreas Herberg-Rothe
    courriel : andreas [dot] herberg-rothe [at] sk [dot] hs-fulda [dot] de

Fonte da informação

  • Andreas Wilmes
    courriel : andreas [dot] wilmes [at] trivent-publishing [dot] eu


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