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Before suggesting your event, please read the advice below:

Submission Form Sample

You can prepare your event submission to Calenda by having a look at this Form Sample.

The Submission Form is composed of four main parts: Event, Date and Location, Subject of the event, Contact.

Does your announcement fall within Calenda’s editorial and scientific scope?

Calenda’s editorial and scientific scope is set out by its Scientific Board.

Calenda publishes scientific events taking place in the academic sphere and the community of the humanities and social sciences.

Announcements may be about:

  • conferences
  • complete seminar programmes
  • lecture cycles
  • vacancies, prizes and research grants
  • calls for proposals
  • calls for papers (conferences, study days, or themed journal issues)
  • summer schools

On the other hand, Calenda does not publish:

  • publication releases
  • event announcements lacking detail or without content, or which only contain hyperlinks
  • single lectures (a single session) with only one speaker
  • announcements of thesis vivas
  • news relating to popular science, commemoration or political debate, especially where the majority of the speakers are from the political or cultural sectors rather than higher education or research
  • announcements that are already online, or have a postponed deadline

In case of doubt, complex cases or previously unencountered types of announcements, the announcement is presented to the Scientific Board.

Terms and conditions of use

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