• Kiel

    Call for papers - History

    Between variability and singularity: crossing theoretical, qualitative and computer-based approaches to types and typologies in archaeology

    Call for paper EAA 2021

    This session is based on the ambition to revisit the "type" as an analytical and theoretical concept inorder to re-activate type-sensitive archaeological research or to develop genuine alternatives. We invite scholars from varying backgrounds to interrogate our apprehension of types, and to re-consider the basic explanatory value of types andtypologies, especially so vis-à-vis computer-based methods, emerging theoretical frameworks and, more generally, the consequences of such approaches and research frameworks for our understanding of types and typological thinking as core concepts ofarchaeological practice.

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  • Kiel

    Call for papers - Science studies

    History of measuring and calculations in archaeology

    In archaeology, quantitative approaches have a long tradition and belong to the very core of the discipline. However, the history of quantitative archaeological reasoning might be not as straight forward as suggested by the disciplinary history commonlys hared among archaeologists. Taken into account different social interests and traditions we doubt the narrative of linear methodological and technical progress, especially considering to a certain extent alternative developments of quantitative approaches inblocks of countries somewhat separated by language barriers. Different communities assign different roles and functions to quantitative procedures applied in archaeology. This session aims to explore the multitude of factors that determine the development ofquantitative archaeology.

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  • Ixelles-Elsene

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia

    Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile

    PhD position in Asian Studies

    This Ph.D. position is funded by a MIS (Mandat d’Impulsion Scientifique/ Incentive Grant for Scientific Research) project: “Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile”. Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking people based at the border of Central Asia and the north-western part of China. Massive internments and arrests of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have taken place in the region since 2016, including the Uyghur elite. In these conditions, centers of the cultural production of the Uyghurs have shifted from their native land to the diaspora spread across the world. This project looks at Uyghur diasporic cultural production that aims at drawing the world’s attention and bearing witness to the various abuses perpetrated at home by the Chinese government. The whole project analyses selected poems, short films, video clips, and dance and music performances to tackle new transmedial forms of testimonies in the Uyghur case.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Perspectives on Religious Minorities in Contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean

    This session aims to enrich and open new avenues of reflection on religious minorities in Latin America and the Caribbean and on the development of a national memory and culture. We are particularly interested in research based on empirical surveys (work on archives, ethnographies, analysis of statistical data, interviews) that seek to understand the links between the nation, national identity and minority religions, explore the relationship between majority religion and religious minorities (dialogues, conflicts, borrowings, etc.) or report on concrete aspects of the presence of these religious minorities in Latin American and Caribbean countries (rituals, practices, relationship to politics, etc.)

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  • Call for papers - History

    Public History Summer School

    The Institute of History of the University of Wrocław, Poland (IH UWr), Zajezdnia (Depot) History Centre, and the International Federation for Public History invite students, PhD candidates and practitioners to share their research in the framework of the fourth Public History Summer School to be held online, 31 May-4 June 2021.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    “ClioLudica. History and games” - Varia

    Towards the interdisciplinary framework that characterizes its approach, Diacronie. Studi di storia contemporanea would like to encourage reflection on these and further themes by providing an open space for discussion and analysis of history in games: ClioLudica. ClioLudica welcomes different kinds of submission (essays, reviews, written as well as video-recorded interviews) dedicated to game design processes entailed in different playful media (board games, urban games, LARP, digital games, card games, party games) and that look especially at how historical skills can be used for design (from historical research to the use of sources and their interpretation). We welcome papers that focus on the link between history and games as public history, as it provides practices like that of shared authority, of co-production of historical knowledge, of historical re-enactment and gamification.

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  • St Andrews

    Call for papers - History

    Reframing Disease Reservoirs

    Histories and Ethnographies of Pathogens and Pestilence

    The idea of disease reservoirs – that particular animals, people, or environments harbour or distribute disease – has profoundly shaped human relationships to nature. The concept has been epistemologically fraught, taking on different meanings amongst different groups of people in different periods. What constitutes a reservoir, and which animals, plants, or environments are reservoirs of disease? How and where did this concept emerge and why? What is its intellectual lineage? Which other medical concepts intersected with the idea of the disease reservoir throughout its history Bringing together perspectives from the humanities and the social sciences in dialogue with the life sciences, this online conference seeks to understand the past and present of disease reservoirs.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    The Society for Technology and Philosophy’s 2021 Technological Imaginaries Conference

    Technologies are always more than the sum of their mechanical parts. Indeed, technologies are entangled in symbolic forms of a social and cultural nature. Technologies also contribute to the construction of new worldviews and new forms of life. Technological imaginaries are far more than phantasies detached from technological innovation. They are at the heart of innovation itself, of the invention as well as of the implementation and use of technology in our societies.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Economy

    3rd International Conference on Digital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Financing

    Digitalization enables the emergence of new entrepreneurs who, unlike their predecessors, can use digital technologies and online communities and are able to manage the key processes needed to create/launch a new venture moving from idea generation and opportunity recognition, to intellectual property protection, production, marketing and distribution. Entrepreneurship research in the digital economy also needs to be expanded to include literature from other disciplines such as political science, information systems and industrial organization. We invite contributions that will help to better assess, analyze, and theorize how digital innovations emerge and create value, how these innovations affect the structuring of markets and business models, how to implement and finance them.

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  • Prague

    Call for papers - Representation

    Migrating Archives of Reality

    Programming, Curating, and Appropriation of Non-fiction Film

    The digital turn, which has created new modes of access and circulation for films, underscores and amplifies what has been the fate of non-fiction film since the beginning of its existence - it has always been, and continues to be, a migrating archive of reality. Practices of digitization, online programming, digital curation, appropriation, and sharing, open up new spaces and layers of meaning. Moreover, they also alter and sometimes overwrite the original or historical meaning of non-fiction films, with significant epistemic, political, and ethical consequences. The conference strives to address these challenges, taking into account the diverse views of (media and film) historians, archivists, (digital) curators, and artists, who could comment on issues of programming, curation and appropriation (especially archival) of non-fiction film in history and today.

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  • Turin

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Modern

    Enlightenment legacy: the rights of man in a global perspective

    4 two-year fellowships for advanced studies - Turin humanities programme

    Within the Turin humanities programme (THP), each year Fondazione 1563 will launch a call for applications to award 4 two-year post-doc fellowships open to Italian and foreign researchers, and will assign two Senior Fellowships to established academics invited to make their scientific contribution to the THP, appointed on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee and the Director of Studies.

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  • Meknes

    Call for papers - Education

    Gender and education amid Covid-19

    Impacts, responses, and prospects

    The present conference aims to examine the devastating impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on gender equality and quality education, two sustainable goals identified by the UN, and the kind of responses which were triggered as forms of activism, self-expression, and creation of new meanings. Furthermore, it explores the prospects which may be unlocked for future professionals through learning different skills and values which foster equal opportunities for both genders in leadership and in the labour market, eventually and hopefully resulting in an equitable, unbiased, and fair labour culture for all.

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  • Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Philosophy and Sonic Research: Thinking with Sounds and Rhythms

    Open Philosophy invites submissions for the topical issue “Philosophy and Sonic Research: Thinking with Sounds and Rhythms,” edited by Martin Nitsche and Vít Pokorný (the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague) 

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  • Lisbon

    Seminar - Representation

    Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives

    The seminar series "Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives", organized by the Centre for Comparative Studies (CEC-FLUL), intends to constitute a space for debate and interdisciplinary reflection on music in its different aspects and in a comparative perspective. Studies about music have grown in the last decades and today are part of several departments and scientific fields. The plurality of looks on music and the analysis of its performative and discursive practices, introduced new analytical tools and distinct forms of interpretation. Intermediate studies, on the other hand, invite us to approach music in relation to other media and artistic forms, from visual arts to poetry. The cycle of seminars "Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives" proposes to examine various ways of interpreting music.

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  • Geneva

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Anchoring International Organizations in the Study of Organizational Sociology

    This paper session aims to bring together scholars who adopt a sociological perspective to the study of international organizations (IOs). IOs have historically been studied by jurists and later by political scientists through the prism of theories in international relations (IR). In the past two decade, growing scholarship in IR has shifted the focus to analyzing IOs as actors in IR in their own right. To this end, scholars have not only developed new methodologies, traditionally used by anthropologists and organizational sociologists, but have also embraced sociology as a discipline and more precisely the field of organizational sociology. In this way, IOs have been studied as bureaucracies, as organizations within which various actors compete, which comply and produce norms and values. Nowadays, organizational sociology provides a fascinating basis to study IOs not only from within, but also with respect to their environment in a dynamic perspective.

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    The Bible and Migration

    Open Theology invites submissions for the topical issue “The Bible and Migration”, prepared in collaboration with the conference The Bible on the Move: Toward a Biblical Theology of Migration, held at Fuller Theological Seminary in January 2020. This special issue asks how cutting-edge biblical scholarship should inform conversation about and action relating to migration in the twenty-first century, bridging the gap between biblical studies, theology, and activism. Articles should examine how the biblical texts reflect diverse migrant experiences, as well as ways in which these texts reflect theologically on migration and appropriate responses to it among migrants and host communities. Articles may also critically interrogate the Bible’s use in arguments over migration and migrants’ reception by host communities.

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  • Geneva

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Social justice in times of uncertainty

    The 2021 Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association (SSA)

    Social Justice in Times of Uncertainty takes as a starting point the health pandemic that erupted in 2020, which led societies across the world to cope with disruptions in the provisioning of goods and services, means of livelihood, and fundamental freedom – not least, that of movement. The crisis also revealed global and local inequalities, translated into who has the right to live or not, and raised new questions around (in)justice in the contemporary world. In light of the turmoil experienced, as a globalized society and within our communities, this congress emphasizes the relevance of social and environmental justice in the making of a fair society, asking the question: in times of uncertainty, what does it mean to live a good life in a just society?

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Ambiguity: Conditions, Potentials, Limits

    “On_Culture” Issue 12 (Winter 2021)

    The 12th issue of On_Culture seeks to explore ambiguity in its potential and limits as an analytical tool for research in the study of culture. By the same token, the issue is also interested in perspectives on ambiguity as a cultural phenomenon in its historical situatedness and political dimensions.

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  • Pisa

    Call for papers - Religion

    Surveying Ritual Creativity in Contemporary Paganism and New Age Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    This panel, part of the 18th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions, seeks to survey ritual creativity in Contemporary Paganism and New Age prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    The Relevance of Anne Brontë in the English-speaking World and Elsewhere

    Current Perspectives

    This monographic issue seeks to showcase novel perspectives on the work of Anne Brontë, with a special emphasis on various aspects of her literary and cultural prism. Firstly, it aims to delve into the cultural traces that her legacy left through interconnected reflections on the context of her life, her family's creative and religious milieu, and even the work of her sisters. Secondly, it aims to study the presence and reception of Anne Brontë's work in other countries, both through novels (influence, dialogue and intertextuality) and other creations, such as cinema.

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