• Paris

    Conference, symposium - Asia

    Sinographic Forays into the Epiverse

    Arpenter un paysage inscrit

    Inscriptions can open up a world extending far beyond chisel marks on the stone surface. In eightroundtables, we propose to explore the rich cultural history of epigraphy in East Asia. By striding outits multiple dimensions of time and space, both physical and imaginary, scholars from the sinographic sphere with diverse disciplinary backgrounds will attempt to chart together the Epiverse. The experimental format of this conference aims at facilitating present and future collaborations in thefield, and defining common research paths on stone inscriptions and inscribed landscapes.

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  • Shanghai

    Summer School - Political studies

    The governance of socio-ecological systems

    Exploring the land-ocean continuum: coastal zones, river deltas, islands and wetlands

    East China Normal University is hosting a Summer School on the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems (SES), which is a rapidly emerging issue in many environment related disciplines and especially sustainability science. The GOSES Summer School is organized together with the University of Reims and SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

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  • Kaohsiung City

    Call for papers - Language

    Euro-Asian Overlook on the Innovation and Development of the Teaching of European Languages and Literature

    2018 International Conference on European Asian Languages ​

    This symposium focuses on the Innovation and Development of the Teaching of European Languages and Literature in European-Asian, in which scholars and experts from Euro-Asian countries/areas focusing on various strands in French, German and Spanish are invited to deliver a wide range of talks on related topics.

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