• Call for papers - Sociology

    Permanet call for "Sociologia on line" Journal

    Articles 2022

    Sociologia on line is the journal of the Portuguese Sociological Association. It has an open access policy and publishes original research on Social Sciences and reflections on the development of Sociology.

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  • Louvain-la-Neuve

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    PhD for the "NarraMus" project

    Writing the Self and the Other: Identity and Societal Issues in Post-Migration Literatures of Muslim Descent in French, German and Italian

    Il s'agit de mener une recherche doctorale financée par l’action de recherche concertée NarraMus, financé par l’université catholique de Louvain. Le projet NarraMus étudie une sélection de textes narratifs d’autrices et d’auteurs de diverses origines ethno-nationales dans des contextes européens de postmigration. Dans une variété de formes narratives allant de la nouvelle au roman en passant par la chanson pop ou rap, les autrices et auteurs illustrent et/ou abordent les « nœuds identitaires », les enjeux, les opportunités et les difficultés d’appartenance ou de référence à des milieux culturels différents.

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  • Liège

    Call for papers - Geography

    Global changes and transition management: in the singular or plural form?

    Major disruptions impact present times on a global scale that should engage our societies to adapt to face the consequences of these changes. Besides observing and evaluating changes, it is necessary to prepare men and women to become aware of their roles and influences to implement the required transitions. Scientific research has a duty to contribute to debates on the urgency of the situation and how to accompany climate, energy, digital and democratic transitions. The symposium organised by the research team Sphères of the University of Liège invite you to take stock of these issues of global changes and the transition management.

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  • Poitiers

    Call for papers - Geography

    Migration intermediaries

    Journal of international migration

    Political and media rhetoric in Europe or North America reduces the category of migration intermediaries to that of “smugglers or traffickers, described as greedy and unscrupulous”. This vague and reductive figure helps to legitimize repressive and humanitarian policies towards migrants, who then mobilize different resources, networks and strategies in order to move around, often taking ever greater risks. To be satisfied with this reading, which makes the migration issue a crisis to be solved, inevitably obscures the diversity of actors involved in “migratory globalization”. The complexity of their role, interests and actions is evaded, even though it cuts across many institutions, including the States themselves. Indeed, the latter contribute, through the policies they deploy and the treaties they sign, sometimes to the detriment of international law, for purposes of control and repression, but also for the management and supervision of the workforce, to the emergence of a myriad of actors who are indispensable to both movement and settlement.

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Max Liebermann and Italy in the context of German-Italian artistic exchange from the 1860s to the 1930s

    Although Liebermann often travelled to the Netherlands and considered it his “adopted homeland”, Italy also played an important role in his artistic development. Between 1878 and 1913 the painter made at least six journeys there, established contacts with Italian artists and critics and took part in international art exhibitions. His works also found their way into Italian collections. This conference seeks to investigate German-Italian artistic exchange more broadly between the 1860s and the 1930s. and aims to highlight German-Italian cultural exchange by looking at other contemporary personalities.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Organisation du travail : le retour. Quelles interprétations ?

    While companies and public administrations have been questioning their work organisation and operating methods since the 2010s and seem to be open to measures offering more autonomy to employees, sociology remains short of the expectations of clarification and analysis. This call for papers from the journal Sociologie du travail is an invitation to question the current phase of managerial reinvestment in the question of work organisation. It invites to propose results of studies or theoretical analyses that help to identify what a sociological viewpoint can propose to better interpret the reconstituted interest of companies for the problems of work organisation and to understand the processes underway.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - Law

    « Ius et Religio ». Droit, religions anciennes et christianisme dans l’Antiquité

    LXXVe session de la société internationale Fernand de Visscher pour l’histoire des droits de l’Antiquité

    Fernand De Visscher was a professor of Belgian Roman law, a humanist convinced of the importance of scientific exchanges between foreign scholars, to which the laws of antiquity – as the common matrix of European legal systems – lend themselves so well. Romanists and legal historians from all over the world will thus come together for this anniversary session around the theme: "Ius and Religio. Law, Ancient Religions and Christianity in Antiquity". The contemporary crisis of universalisms, as well as the resurgence of fundamentalisms, both religious and secular, require more than ever an informed look at “religion” in its historical and institutional relationships with law, the state, and society.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Representation

    Modeling cultures: the concept of power through material, artistic and musical inheritance throughout history

    III Conference on Doctoral Studies in Art and Musicology

    The 3rd edition of the Conference on Doctoral Studies in Art and Musicology has the goal of providing an interdisciplinary vision in the field of Humanities. It aims at reflecting on the concept of power as a means of differentiation and prestige on all its levels, in thedifferent cultures and during the course of history; through the material, artistic and musical culture.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Metropolitan and suburban cities: Past, present and future

    مدينة "مقرين" نموذجا

    With the urban development that the world has witnessed since the late nineteenth century in parallel with the industrial development, and the increase in the movement of migration and displacement towards the major industrial cities around the world, the latter became crowded with population and expanded form contemporary metropolises, absorbing most of the jobs and major administrative, social and economic spaces. This caused a serious economic, social and development confusion for the countries experiencing the phenomenon, and a clear regional disparity between its depths and peripheries and between its cities and countryside. Its homogeneous balance was disturbed, and it turned into a sweeping polar cities because of the small cities and villages around it, with its acquired social and economic weight, thus affecting the local, regional and even the international geopolitical and geo-economics balances.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Methodological Challenges of Writing Transnational History

    Research Seminar in Contemporary History of the German Historical Institute in Paris

    The Department of Contemporary History of the German Historical Institute in Paris (DHIP) hosts a research seminar with the aim of fostering discussion among historians that work on transnational history. The seminar is open to researchers of all stages of their academic career who would like to (critically) discuss their current projects and transnational approaches, such as histoire croisée, entangled history, historical network analysis, transnational or global history.

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  • Aussois

    Conference, symposium - Religion

    Miraculous Images in Global Perspectives

    Images are ubiquitous in the world’s religious traditions – even in those traditions in which their creation and veneration have been highly circumscribed or entirely banned. They can serve as objects or expressions of devotion, as pedagogical instruments, as markers of class or status, and as aesthetic productions in their own right. But not all images are held to be equal. In “Miraculous Images in Global Perspective”, we seek to examine in cross-cultural perspective the phenomenon of images that possess supramundane powers or abilities: to perform miracles, emit light, sweat, bleed, move about, heal, protect and at times even to destroy.

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  • Bordeaux

    Study days - Europe

    Physical and sports activities and populism

    Interactions between two contemporary social phenomena

    L’objet de cette journée d’étude est de dresser un premier état des lieux entre activités physiques (sports, éducation physique, etc.) et populisme, à travers des exemples particulièrement significatifs (Jeux olympiques, sport de compétition, formation, etc.), de la deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle jusqu’à aujourd’hui, à travers différents pays et, en particulier, l’Amérique du sud, berceau de cette « idéologie » avec la Russie. Le sport sous toutes ses formes d’expression (Jeux olympiques, sport « bourgeois », sport ouvrier, etc.) sera envisagé ainsi que certaines figures révélatrices de cette orientation (Mussolini, Poutine, Orban, etc.).

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  • Santiago de Compostela

    Call for papers - Language

    Journal “Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega” - Varia

    Issue 24 (2023)

    Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega (CFG), an international journal on phraseological and paremiological research edited by Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación en Humanidades (Xunta de Galicia), is seeking submissions of contributions for its twenty-fourth issue. 

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  • Call for papers - Education


    Le terme authenticité recouvre plusieurs définitions selon l’angle considéré : juridique, philosophique, moral, ou dans la vie quotidienne. En didactique des langues, tous ces aspects peuvent être envisagés. Là, le mot « authentique » fait immédiatement penser au « document authentique ». Cependant, l’authenticité en classe de langue s’est étendue à d’autres facettes de l’enseignement : le plagiat, qui, grâce au Web, est devenu la source de documentation principale pour beaucoup d'étudiants français, et la consultation de documents dits authentiques, face à l’essor de la désinformation et de l’infox et de la vulgarisation par rapport aux sources originales. On peut s'intergrer également sur l’authenticité de la communication, écrite ou orale, dans la classe.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Modern

    From Nature

    Images of Body, Travel, Science and Empires (XVIIIth-XXth Centuries)

    Au moment où l’anthropologie s’institutionnalise en tant que discipline, la plupart des anthropologues étudie les populations extra-occidentales depuis les métropoles, sur la base de corpus visuels et matériels collectés in situ par des voyageurs. Avant l’événement de la photographie et du cinéma, cette pratique se fonde d’abord sur les dessins et ses avatars (aquarelles, peintures) ainsi que sur les moulages des corps réalisés d’après nature. Ce workshop se propose d’engager une réflexion sur ces représentations corporelles réalisées par des voyageurs, terme commun qui regroupe des aventuriers, ethnographes, anthropologues, géographes, marchands, militaires, missionnaires, ou encore naturalistes.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Engraving dance, music, science and geography

    Crafts, trades and the dissemination of knowledge in the 18th century

    The expression “danse gravée” has long designated 18th-century dance notation practices, since the diffusion of the Feuillet notation from 1700 onwards. The repertoire of engraved contredanses, published and distributed in the form of collections of small notebooks or booklets, notably from the 1760s and the Répertoire des bals de La Cuisse, is relatively well known. The place of women engravers, editors and booksellers will be widely discussed during these days. The aim is to understand how 18th century choreographic practices fit into a network of printmaking know-how, from technical engraving to semi-fine printmaking. 

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  • Call for papers - Asia

    Lives of the Dead in Asia

    « Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident »

    The dead inhabit the world in their own particular ways. In Asia, where life presupposes that physical substance, spirits and the flow of vital energy are united and held together, the moment of death is one of disjunction, even of dispersion. Faced with this phenomenon, numerous techniques as well as objects of various kinds allow the living to cultivate a relationship with the dead. Both anthropologists and historians have described and emphasised how vividly the dead are present among the living. This topic has seen new developments since the beginning of the century. Faced with the profusion of objects and techniques that allow the dead to evolve in the world of the living, this issue of “Lives of the Dead in Asia” intends to reflect on the ways the different vehicles of existence of the dead are produced and used.

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  • Montreal

    Call for papers - Religion

    Music and Transcendence in a Posthuman Age

    The purpose of this conference, organized in partnership with the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ), is to bring together composers, performers, and scholars to engage with the theme of the Montreal/New Musics Festival (MNM), “Music(s) and Spirituality,” exploring its meaning in the world today through the lens of posthumanist thought.

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  • Suresnes

    Lecture series - Education

    Research findings on learning and teaching: Finnish perspectives

    Adjunct professor Riitta-Leena Metsäpelto works as a senior researcher in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). Her main research interests are externalizing problems in academic learning settings, professional development of teachers, and student selection methods in initial teacher training programs. 

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  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    The web: source and archive

    This international conference proposes to question the place of sources from the web in the scientific field and to situate web archiving practices in plural scientific approaches and questions. The project “Réseau de partenaires pour l'analyse et l'exploration de données numériques” (ResPaDon) brings libraries and research teams together to think, experiment and share practices related to web archives. The main goal is to bring the producers and the users of the web archive collection closer together, with the help and the mediation of academic libraries. In this perspective, the international symposium wishes to develop exchanges of knowledge between STI professionals and scientific teams by engaging the international academic community to participate in its work.

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