• Aubervilliers

    Call for papers - History

    Black Lives Matter: a transnational movement

    Revue « Esclavages et post-esclavages / Slaveries and post-slaveries »

    The aim of this special number is therefore to bring together articles analysing the growth of Black Lives Matter (BLM) to a transnational movement. Contributions should show awareness of the concrete modes of circulation and appropriation, and to the repercussions of campaigns linked to BLM, but also of the historical and political ruptures and continuities implied and explained by them. Contributions bearing on the role of new information and communications technologies (NITC) and social networks, especially in the spreading of images (videos of police violence, artworks etc), and their role in the transnational development of the movement will be given close attention. 

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  • London | Grenoble

    Conference, symposium - America

    Cozinhando imagens, tejiendo feminismos. Latin american feminist film and visual art collectives

    During the last years, there has been a revitalization of feminist movements internationally. In Latin America, the performance of ‘A Rapist in Your Path’ by the collective LasTesis on 25 November 2019 put Chilean feminism in the global spotlight. This revitalization is also pushing for political and legal reforms, such as the approval of a bill legalising abortion in Argentina on 30 December 2020. The alliances between feminists, artists, and filmmakers in Latin America are not new. Fuelled by the 1970s women’s movement, several feminist film collectives emerged during this decade and instrumentalized cinema to raise awareness about women’s issues and intervene in political contexts.

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  • Zaragoza

    Lecture series - Modern

    Autores e textos críticos em espanhol e português

    V Fórum Ibérico de Estudos Museológicos V Congresso Internacional da Associação Espanhola de Críticos de Arte

    Depois das inúmeras contribuições sobre a história da crítica dos museus e do sistema artístico no IV Congresso Internacional da Associação Espanhola de Críticos de Arte realizado no MNCARS, e do sucesso do IV Fórum Ibérico de Estudos Museológicos (Porto, 2020), que tratou da evolução da museografia expositiva, ambas as plataformas juntam-se para abordar os contributos daqueles que escreveram tratados ou estudos sobre museus no contexto cultural ibérico, num encontro dedicado ao tema «Autores e textos críticos em espanhol e português». Para além deste âmbito, também poderão ser aceites ensaios de/sobre autores latino-americanos.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Childhood(s) in Latin America: diversities in tension

    Thematic Dossier vol. XIII, n. 2, 2021

    The focus of the dossier is on the processes and social spaces for the construction and implementation of ideas about childhood, as well as the debates and tensions around them: education (formal, non-formal or informal) the family and parenting networks (nurture and care), the dynamics of gender construction and the collective sense of belonging (ethnicities and intercultural relations), labour aspects (rural and urban marginality and the issue of child labour) and areas of cultural production of each social group (the imaginaries, games, literature, sports and children entertainment).

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  • Call for papers - History

    Arts of Educating

    The Emergence and Construction of the Modern Schooling Paradigm (Mid-20th Century – First quarter of the 20th Century)

    This issue seeks to map a wide range of public institutions, pioneering experiences and innovative pedagogic discourses that informed and consolidated an explicit educational impulse at the tail end of the Early Modern Period. This issue of Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal seeks to contribute with its specific inquiries to an understanding of a wide-ranging civilizational endeavour that has never ceased to connect – in increasingly efficient and substantial ways – the spheres of power and knowledge.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Thought

    Decolonial studies. From theory to practice

    Abya Yala, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia

    The arrival and emergence of studies, research or reflections claiming to be “decolonial” in Europe or in formerly colonised societies (particularly in Africa) should not be reduced to another anachronistic or nativist intellectual mode seeking to simplify or replay colonial encounters as certain authors or journalists (especially in France) think. If these studies seem recent to the French-speaking reader, and more particularly to the French reader, it should be pointed out that they stem from a Latin-American intellectual critical tradition (dialoguing with several intellectual streams such as the theory of dependence, liberation theology, studies on the world-system) and that several publications by Latin-American or Latin-American researchers have been describing them for several decades.

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  • Viçosa

    Call for papers - Language

    Cultural Transfers

    This issue proposes a discussion on Cultural Transfers regarding Literary Theory as well as literary encounters. Thereby, it aims at opening news perspectives in the field of Cultural History. For decades, studies and researches on Cultural Circulation had been seen as a fruitful field of exchanges among several European countries and some continents.

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  • Call for papers - Information

    "Vista" Journal - permanent call

    Vista is a scientific journal in the field of Visual Culture that aims to the promotion of a transdisciplinary debate around culture’s visual mediation processes (photography, cinema, television, advertising, videogames and digital media and so on). 

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Dance: history and historiography

    This dossier is inserted in the field of dance, its history and historiographies – in the web of complexities of processes of centralizations and decentralizations, influences and consolidation, circulation, appropriations, migrations and transpositions of sources, uses and knowledge. It also addresses the challenges of the production of dance history, considering the dynamics of digital technologies for production of images and sounds, as well as inter and transdisciplinary relations that can support these reflections. This call invites authors to submit previously unpublished articles about procedures and research in dance, through approaches that, based on the polysemy of the word history, is inserted in the lines of education, creation, production and diffusion of the language of dance.

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  • Viçosa

    Call for papers - Language

    New visions on fantasy

    Jangada Journal #18 – Dec. 2021

    Drawing from the history of Fantasy as a genre, this issue of Jangada Journal, from Viçosa Federal University, invites researchers to submit papers on such a pervading category in contemporary literature. We encourage analysis concerning structural and thematic approaches to the genre. We are also interested, in particular, in papers that focus on works insufficiently studied so far, extrapolating Anglophone backgrounds that have engendered Fantasy, and relating diverse media expressions through which Fantasy was disseminated. 

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Blackness and Racial Relations

    Revue « Horizontes Antropológicos »

    La revue internationale Horizontes Antropológicos lance un appel à contribution pour son dossier thématique « Négritude et relations raciales ». Le concept de race, même repensé scientifiquement et compris comme une construction sociale et politique, demeure un défi académique, compte tenu de la façon dont sont vécues les relations raciales et de pouvoir et la manière dont cette question est inscrite à l’ordre du jour de la lutte contre le racisme. Ce dossier vise à rassembler des travaux récents et critiques qui repositionnent les sciences sociales quant au concept de race et à l’étude des relations raciales. Les travaux s’inscriront dans les débats sur l’intersectionnalité de genre, de race, de génération, de classe, sur l’invisibilité des relations raciales dans le champ scientifique et les expériences de racialisation à l’échelle globale.

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  • Lisbon

    Seminar - Representation

    Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives

    The seminar series "Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives", organized by the Centre for Comparative Studies (CEC-FLUL), intends to constitute a space for debate and interdisciplinary reflection on music in its different aspects and in a comparative perspective. Studies about music have grown in the last decades and today are part of several departments and scientific fields. The plurality of looks on music and the analysis of its performative and discursive practices, introduced new analytical tools and distinct forms of interpretation. Intermediate studies, on the other hand, invite us to approach music in relation to other media and artistic forms, from visual arts to poetry. The cycle of seminars "Looking at Music. Comparative perspectives" proposes to examine various ways of interpreting music.

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  • La Plata

    Call for papers - Modern

    Religion and gender in Latin America

    Theoretical and methodological perspectives for research

    This dossier invites researchers to submit papers discussing the theoretical and methodological challenges and limits facing new research questions in order to address the interfaces between religion and gender in Latin American countries in light of changes in the social and religious field in recent decades. We welcome works produced from different areas of knowledge in the social and human sciences, as well as areas and studies at the intersection of these issues. We set out to encourage reflection on the ethical challenges faced by researchers regarding the new theoretical and methodological models used in our region and beyond.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia

    Prêmio de Publicações ICAS (Convenção Internacional de Acadêmicos da Ásia) sobre Ásia

    Em 2004, a Convenção Internacional de Acadêmicos da Ásia (ICAS) inaugurou o Prêmio de Publicações ICAS. Concedida a cada dois anos, esta premiação tem por objetivo dar visibilidade internacional a publicações acadêmicas dedicadas ao estudo sobre Ásia, aumentando assim sua projeção internacional e reconhecendo publicações de excelência no campo. Desde 2017, o IBP passou a incluir os seguintes idiomas: chinês, francês, alemão, japonês e coreano. A partir de 2019, acrescentou espanhol, português, russo e japonês aos idiomas em que a premiação pode ser concedidas. Podem ser submetidas obras monográficas ou coletâneas publicadas entre outubro de 2018 e janeiro de 2021, nas áreas de Ciências Humanas e Sociais. Não são premiáveis: traduções de originais em outras línguas, além de livros de referência, antologias, obras de ficção, poesia, livros de viagem, autobiografias, memórias, panfletos, livros escolares, catálogos de exibição.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - America

    What happened with the LGBTQI+ "rights revolution" in Latin America?

    Nr. 99 - Cahiers des Amériques latines

    Ten years after Argentina's emblematic "same-sex marriage" law, this issue of Cahiers des Amériques Latines examines the notion of a "rights revolution" [Encarnación, 2016] and takes stock of the situation of sexual and gender minorities in the region. Three lines of research seem essential to propose a critical reflection on the reality of sexual and gender minorities and to evaluate the LGBTQI+ "rights revolution" in Latin America.

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  • London

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Culture and politics in Brazil: looking back at the decade (2011-2020)

    Brasiliana : Journal for Brazilian Studies

    Brasiliana : Journal for Brazilian Studies publiera, en août 2021, le dossier intitulé « Culture et politique au Brésil : bilan d'une décennie (2011-2020) » qui a pour objectif de faire le bilan des relations entre culture et politique au Brésil au long des dix dernières années (2011-2020). Les marques temporelles de ce dossier interdisciplinaire seront les mandats de la présidente Dilma Rousseff, les manifestations de 2013, la procédure de destitution de 2016, le gouvernement intérimaire de Michel Temer et l’élection de Jair Bolsonaro. Ces événements marquants seront mis en perspective à travers les analyses qui proposeront de comprendre de quelle manière les relations entre culture et politique au Brésil ont été articulées en lien avec les principaux événements nationaux et/ou mondiaux au long de la dernière décennie.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Call for papers - History

    Reparations and slaveries

    Revue « Esclavages et post-esclavages / Slaveries and post-slaveries »

    This issue of the journal Esclavages & Post~esclavages/Slaveries & Post~Slaveries is about reparation claims related to the slave trade and chattel slavery in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This issue aims to comprehend how contemporary social actors link the history of slavery to contemporary debates in order to address the reproduction of unequal geopolitical, social and racial relations.

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  • Bissau

    Call for papers - Africa

    Africans and Europeans in southern Senegambia: interactions and transversalities

    Tribute to Jean Boulègue

    Ce colloque, en hommage à l’historien Jean Boulègue, vise à donner suite aux travaux commencés en 2016 dans le premier colloque international sur la présence portugaise à Ziguinchor et, à ce titre, sera présenté comme un espace de débat multi et interdisciplinaire qui vise à revisiter l’histoire, l’héritage culturel portugais et les dynamiques qui la maintiennent vivante. Revisitant les études sur les Luso-africains, permettra d’aborder des questions historiques et actuelles telles que : quelles interactions culturelles et quels mouvements transversaux se sont opérés au fil du temps ? Quel rôle ont joué ces populations dans la vie sociale, économique et politique de la région ? De l’époque de la Libération à nos jours, que reste-t-il des Luso-africains en Sénégambie ? Quel héritage ces populations ont laissé dans le paysage culturel, politique, linguistique et culinaire, entre autres, de la région ?

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  • Foz do Iguaçu

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Women, Amerindian women and leaders on the political stage. Careers, practices and roles in Latin America

    American Studies international congress (CIA 2021)

    À l’occasion du LVIIe congrés internacional des américanistes qui se déroulera du 19 au 23 juillet 2021 à Foz do Iguaçu au Brésil, nous vous invitons à participer à notre groupe de travail :  Femmes, amérindiennes et leaders sur la scène politique. Parcours, pratiques et rôles en Amérique latine. Dans ce groupe de travail, nous nous intéresserons aux femmes politiques amérindiennes, à leurs parcours, à leurs positions, à leurs discours et à leurs pratiques. Plus particulièrement, nous nous interrogerons sur la place et le rôle des femmes amérindiennes dans la scène politique actuelle. Existe-t-il une politique au féminin ? Que font-elles différemment ? Pourquoi ont-elles pris le devant de la scène ? Quel rapport au mouvement amérindien encore très masculin est-ce que cela montre ? Pourquoi les femmes leaders seraient-elles moins connues dans l’histoire ? 

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  • Call for papers - America

    Interdisciplinary Journal of Papers on the Americas (RITA) - Varia

    For its issue number 14, the Interdisciplinary Journal of Papers on the Americas (RITA) launches a call for papers for its non-thematic section “Champ Libre”. If you are willing to participate, please send us your articles.

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