• Paris

    Séminaire - Histoire

    Épistémologie du dessin IV

    Concepts, lectures et interprétations (XIX-XXIe siècle)

    Ce séminaire réfléchit aux fondements du dessin – lieu d’inspiration pour l’artiste, « activateur de pensée », projection de fantasmes artistiques, trace balbutiante de compositions « in progress », transcription brute d’imaginaires figurés, « premier jet » graphique d’abstractions conceptuelles, vérification « sur pièces » d’hypothèses rêvées, essai visant à tester la capacité réalisatrice, aboutissement d’utopies intangibles par d’autres techniques, etc. Il pose les pratiques et usages sociaux du dessin – intimité secrète d’une œuvre à l’amont de son processus, circulation d’une ébauche servant de modèles aux disciples, projet destiné aux commanditaires, fondement de l’enseignement artistique au XIXe siècle, objet de convoitise des collectionneurs, trace mobile aisément reproductible, etc. –. Il inscrit le débat d’idées à la frontière de l’histoire de l’art, de la génétique et de l’histoire culturelle.

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  • Vienne

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Theory in Love

    International Comparative Literature Association XXIst Congress - session 17327

    In The Politics of Friendship Derrida reflects on the question of the indecidable possibility, the “peut-être,” of love, of friendship, and of desire: “‘Je t'aime entends- tu?’; cette déclaration d'aimance hyperbolique ne pourrait donner sa chance à une politique de l'amitié que soumise à l'épreuve du peut-être, de l'indécidable” How then can we express a refusal, a no, without listening, without hearing? How can one express the divergent and differential possibilities opened by this phrase? And yet Derrida already has, in Envois, where he explores, theorizes and dramatizes a love affair, tracing the course of its refusal in the various postcards and letters which remain unsent, forever awaiting their destination. This panel concerns theory speaking in terms of love, seeking to establish the relationship between “ l’âmour” and theory.

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  • Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Žižek and Music

    Special Issue of the International Journal of Žižek Studies

    The International Journal of Žižek Studies intends to release a special issue on the topic of Žižek and music, thus offering a first forum for all those who working in music-related fields who have adopted Žižek’s theories for reflecting about music. The goal is to approach the subject from a broad range of different perspectives, not only by covering the fields of classical, pop, jazz and experimental music, but also by bringing together philosophers, musicologists and scholars from the field of sound studies as well as composers, dramaturges and opera producers. This special issue is intended to stimulate a truly interdisciplinary and multi-faceted dialogue, offering a starting point for a fruitful discussion on music from a fresh perspective.

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  • Barcelone

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self II

    Vth international Sympnosium of the international Network for Alternative Academia

    This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in exploring the narrative construction of experience and self, the lessons we can derive from the creative process and identifying how productive it is beyond the boundaries of the work and creation itself. Regardless of our awareness, our understanding of our selves, we have always been the product of creation – the result of the playful and subversive blurring of the boundaries between fiction and life, between self and other, between fantasy and reality. Who we are – how we tell the story of our lives – has always traversed the divides between artistic invention, personal reflection and historic fact; being as much the product of the creative process as the characters depicted by artists in their works. 

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