• Canberra

    Call for papers - Modern

    Ideas and ways of heritage: Scientific thought, praxeology and social knowledge in patrimonialisation

    Critical heritage studies have been popularized by way of various disciplines, and several recent studies have emphasized “the infinite specificity of heritage and patrimonialisation”, and at other times, the differentiated paradigms of heritagization, patrimonialisation, heritageification, etc During the session "Ideas and ways of heritage: Scientific thought, praxeology and social knowledge in patrimonialisation"  we will explore conceptions used in heritage-making, as they appear or are particularized in the scientific literature, local expertise and the collective intelligence in various regions of the world.

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  • Cambridge

    Conference, symposium - History

    Imagined Civities

    Cities and Alternatives in the 19th Century

    Imagined Civities is an interdisciplinary conference examining the changes in the Victorian city. Stemming from The Guild, the 19th century seminar held at Cambridge University, the conference aims to explore any aspect of cultural and intellectual responses to urbanisation in the 19th century. The keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Peter Mandler.For more information and registration, please see http://theguild.posterous.com/

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