• Toronto

    Call for papers - Thought

    1st International Symposium: Hope, Betrayal and Trust

    Part of the Research Program on: Lost Virtues, Found Vices

    This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in exploring the complex and fluid relationships between hope and trust, and how might betrayal play a productive role in this bond. As concepts, ideas or simple notions, hope and trust seem to have simultaneously lost contemporary currency while being ever more necessary in our every day lives. We seem resigned to a kind of hopelessness, seem unwilling to trust others and are ready and willing to betray whomever we might need to in order to advance our own careers or personal agendas. Yet new technologies require us to place personal information online, to communicate with strangers, and to hold onto the promise of happiness. How are our maintenance of hope, our need to trust and our willingness to betray intertwined? How are these concepts evolving? 

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