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    Lire la littérature et les arts visuels du monde anglophone avec le Lacan de l’après-encore

    Reading English-language Arts and Literature with the Later Lacan

    Lacanian analysis of literature and the arts has not been in vogue in France for some time now. Following the publication of Écrits in 1966, there was a period of analytic fascination with the imaginary capture of the mirror phase and its intersection with the structures of the symbolic in both literary and film studies. Since the 1980s, academic engagement with Lacanian theory in the cultural field has been in a slump, and this for several reasons: the reputed difficulty of Lacan’s style as apprehended through Ecrits, the opposition of numerous feminist critics, and the general decline of theory in the field of literary studies. Today, in light of the growing force of scientistic conceptions of the human subject (at the level of intelligence, behaviour, reproduction, the limits of the body, mortality), Lacanian theory finds renewed relevance in its unwavering postulate of the subject as singular, unique and incalculable, insusceptible to scientific conclusiveness.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    “Psychotherapy” in Europe. Local specificities and Common Trends

    On observe actuellement un puissant mouvement d’homogénéisation de toutes les enjeux qui concerne « la psychothérapie » (catégorie qui inclut la psychanalyse), qu’il s’agisse de ses usages, de ses théories et méthodes, des questions professionnelles. Le colloque vise à comprendre à la fois ce mouvement d’homogénéisation et la recomposition d’identités psychothérapeutiques nationales. La première journée sera dédiée à « La psychothérapie au croisement de questions anthropologique et institutionnelles », la seconde à « Politiques de santé mentale et régulation de la pratique psychothérapeutique »

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