• Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Heading towards a new frontier?

    History on the Web, in films and TV series

    Over the last few years, we have been witnessing two phenomena which are concurrent and yet apparently in contrast with each other. On one side, there is evidence of a marginalisation of history, in the sense of a crisis of identity and social function, which extends to the very role of historians. On the other side, there is a huge interest in history among the general public in the consumption of cultural products with a historical focus. We invite all interested scholars to submit proposals that may contribute to a discussion about the effects of the popularization of history through products of widespread use.

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  • Florenz

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    Souvenirs, keepsakes and tokens

    Material and visual expressions of personal memories (12th-21st centuries)

    The researcher-led Visual and Material History Working Group of the European University Institute in Florence invites you to a one-day conference on the material and visual expressions of individual memories. By encouraging exchanges between different disciplines and scholars researching on the medieval, early modern and modern periods, we hope that this event will foster new questions and perspectives on the fields of historical anthropology, history and art history.  

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  • Fachtagung - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Rethinking Participatory Processes Through Music

    This third and last study day on the theme of music and democracy aims to explore the potential of music to contribute to this rethinking of participatory processes.

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    The environment of history

    Diacronie. Rivista di Storia Contemporanea

    The environment of history is a space in the journal “Diacronie. Rivista di Storia Contemporanea” intended to reflect in a historical perspective on one of the most characterizing themes of recent years, the environmental issue. In this space we wish to host contributions that approach environmental history from a wide spectrum of interpretations. We welcome approaches based on its most classical meaning, as a historical discipline that investigates the relationship between humans and the environment and combines different disciplinary fields, and approaches that foreground new themes, scales of analysis and methodologies.

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  • Turin

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    Rethinking Liberal Europe

    Ideas of Europe and Notions of Freedom between 1848 and 1945

    The aim of this conference is to shed new light on the ways in which concepts of freedom and ideas of Europe have interreacted between 1848 and 1945. While recent research into the history of European ideas for this period has focused on anti-liberal thinking, we emphasise that in the era of nationalism the idea of a Europe founded on freedom played an important role in the political and cultural debates. In doing so, we also want to rethink the link between Europe and liberal democracy in general as well as analyse its political implications for current debates. Scholars interested in participating are invited to consider their research with regards to how ideas of and discourses about freedom, however understood, (re)shaped notions such as “Europe”, “European”, “European civilization” etc. within historical and philosophical works, novels, works of art, treatises, speeches, propaganda material, and so on.


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  • Paris

    Stipendien, Preise und Stellenangebote - Amerika

    Terra Foundation Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellowship for American Art

    Université de Paris and Université Paris Nanterre, 2022–24

    Endowed by a generous grant of the Terra Foundation, this two-year research and teaching fellowship in Paris offers a postdoctoral scholar the opportunity to pursue their own work, and teach at Université de Paris (ex-Diderot) and Université de Paris-Nanterre. The fellow will receive a $ 42,000 annual stipend (to cover all costs including travel, housing, visa, health insurance, research, and so on; to be disbursed in euros).

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Mittelalter

    Dante Alighieri

    Aldus 2.0

    On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, the journal Aldus 2.0 wants to dedicate a monographic issue to the Florentine poet. The aim is to critically investigate the links between Digital Humanities and the poet’s works, as well as research possibilities offered by the exegetical approaches implied by the use of new technological tools.

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  • Pavia

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    By What Authority? The Historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument

    By what authority? The historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument is a Student Conference for graduate students and Ph.D. students who have worked and work on thesis and research projects in the fields of Archeology, Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. The Student Conference aims to encourage dialogue between students and doctoral students from different backgrounds within an inspiring and stimulating context in which to discuss their ongoing or concluded research.

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Amerika

    L’État américain avec et après Trump : (il)légitimité des institutions et pratique(s) du politique

    Le congrès annuel de l’Association française d’études américaines (AFEA) nous invite à réfléchir sur le thème « Légitimité, autorité, canons » en 2022. Cet atelier est donc ouvert aux contributions sur le bilan politique, administratif et institutionnel de la présidence Trump, et sur son legs sur l’autorité et la légitimité de son successeur Joe Biden. Nous invitons notamment les travaux portant sur l’évolution des politiques publiques, des institutions, des mobilisations politiques et de l’expérimentation politique à toutes les échelles du fédéralisme américain pour discuter des conséquences de la présidence de Donald Trump sur le développement politique américain.

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  • Esch-sur-Alzette

    Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Producing Historiography in a Changing World

    Practices of Historians in Analogue and Digital Contexts

    The scientific conference will treat the material and cultural practices of historians of the 20th and 21st century. More precisely, it will explore the following elements: The library of the historian as a research object; Visualisation and digital reconstruction, analogue/machine-based reading; Anthropology of historiographical work; National/European historiography.

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  • Lucca

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    Movement in Space - Space in Movement

    Spring School - IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

    IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, LYNX - Center for the interdisciplinary Analysis of Images, is launching a Spring School that aims at critically analysing the multifarious notion of movement, with a special focus on the Greek and Roman worlds. The Spring School aims to give a fresh approach on how movement can be analysed, reassessing its definition: movement as a foundational and perceptual mechanism. By providing such a definition it is possible to widening and incorporating a range of multidisciplinary topics and approaches.

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  • Paris

    Beitragsaufruf - Städteforschung

    Commercial Centres in Post-War Cities. Questioning Rearrangement of the Urban Landscape and the Society

    IGU congress - Paris 2022

    From the Battle of Baghdad in 1258 to the late Syrian Civil Conflict, wars always were outstanding occurrences for urban landscape changes by making physical destructions and population change. Certainly the acceleration in urban development and reconstruction in order to catch up the period of conflict, chaos and recession affects the urban landscape. An element of importance on which we would like to focus when questioning urban landscapes in post-war cities is the commercial centre, a representative urban object of our current consumption society.

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Vowel Harmony and Word Extensions in Chadic Languages

    The present book project aims to identify within the Movement Phonology Theory (Charette 1994, Harris John 1994, Charette and Goksel 1994, etc.) and other appropriate phonological approaches the type and characteristics of vowel harmony exhibited in different languages, to explain the reasons of alternations and potential opacity, to determine the level of spreading of the phonological features, to identify, in each language, the nucleus (governor) and the governees in order to describe the vowel system of the studied languages, indicate the role of vowel harmony in the sound melody of Chadic languages,show the role of vowel system in the construction and the interpretation of lexical and grammatical units, point the contribution of Chadic languagaes’ data to the development of generative phonology in general and the one of Movement Phonology in particular.

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  • Prag

    Kolloquium - Darstellung

    Photo Albums’ Twisted Meanings

    Between nostalgia and trauma

    The workshop Photo Albums’ Twisted Meanings: Between nostalgia and trauma which will take place in Prague on 25-26 November 2021 is organised by the CVF - Photography Research Centre of the Institute of Art History, CAS, in collaboration with DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.

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  • Nizza

    Fachtagung - Geschichte

    Venice, a Mediterranean regional power

    Economic, maritime and political perspectives, 1669 – 1797

    The Mediterranean has always been at the heart of Venice’s interests during the Early Modern Period. A main source of its prosperity, the Inner Sea maintained its vital role even after the “northern invasions”, the battle of Lepanto and the “downturn” of the 17th century. This seminar aims to explore the relationship between Venice and the Mediterranean between the loss of Crete, the last major dominion of Venetian maritime empire in 1669, and the end of the Republic in 1797.

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  • Freiburg

    Kolloquium - Geistesgeschichte

    Aesthetics and Critique IV : Contemporaneity

    The forth edition of the Fribourg Workshop in Aesthetics & Critique will be dedicated to the question of contemporaneity in art and politics. The contributors are Juliane Rebentisch, Cecilia Sjöholm, Ludger Schwarte, Jacob Lund and Peter Osborne. The event will take place in Fribourg. There will be a video live stream. 

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  • Oxford

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    European History across Boundaries from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century

    2022 Mainz Oxford Graduate Workshop

    Nous lançons un appel à candidatures pour un atelier doctoral international sur l’histoire européenne transfrontalière du XVIe au XXe siècle, y compris les relations de l’Europe avec le monde. Nous encourageons les doctorants travaillant dans ce domaine à présenter leurs projets de recherche et à discuter de la portée transculturelle et transnationale de leurs travaux. Les sujets qui visent à traverser et à réfléchir sur les limites et les frontières sont particulièrement intéressants. Les candidatures de doctorant·e·s inscrit·e·s dans une université française sont les bienvenues !


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  • Pescara

    Beitragsaufruf - Europa

    Levantine Sociabilities in Europe in Giacomo Casanova’s time

    Spies, Impostors, Courtesans and Men of Culture

    In the eighteenth century, intrigue, libertinage and criminality changed the social norms of politeness and education thereby creating nonconformist social behaviours. An explicit, but certainly not unique, manifestation of these new trends is represented by the city of Venice and its adventurer par excellence, Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798). Ecclesiastic, writer, soldier, spy, alchemist, gambler and diplomat, he was engaged in a network of social relationships which are documented in his Histoire de ma vie (History of my Life), one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the eighteenth century. Like London, Paris and Vienna, Venice became a centre of social mobility, geographically located as the threshold of the Levant.

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  • Rom

    Beitragsaufruf - Frühe Neuzeit

    The Inquisition(s) and the Christian East, 1500-1800

    En rassemblant pour la première fois des historiens de l’Inquisition et des spécialistes des rapports entre Rome et les Églises orientales, le colloque propose d’étudier l’attitude des différents tribunaux de la foi (inquisition romaine, espagnole, portugaise…) envers les chrétiens orientaux à l’époque moderne, tant sur le plan judiciaire (procès) que sur le plan doctrinal (censure libraire, questions théoriques, dubia circa sacramenta), avec un regard comparatif et en reliant les discussions sur l’Orient chrétien aux autres controverses formulés par les théologiens et les missionnaires aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles.

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  • Siena

    Seminar - Vorgeschichte und Antike

    Classicamente. Dialoghi senesi sul mondo antico

    Diritto e Ritualità

    The full online seminar “Diritto e Ritualità” 10-11 November 2021 will focus on questions of Greek law and ritual forms in the ancient world, investigated through the lens of anthropology. We will explore the relationship between rhetoric and law, the evidence of judicial practices in literary sources and some issues related to the analysis of specific epigraphic sources (defixiones and prayers for justice). In the second day, we will try to put some ritual forms of the ancient world into context. In particular, we will investigate the function of knucklebones in Greek sanctuaries and the relationship between the ludic dimension and the ritual one. Late antique adoratio will also be discussed in light of the most recent theories developed by Anthropology and Ritual Studies.

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