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StartseiteKategorienGeographiscer Raum Asien

  • Beitragsaufruf - Ökonomie

    Development and democracy in the era of the health crisis

    As part of our next collective publication, we invite you to submit a proposal related to the theme of this edition “Development and Democracy in the Age of Health Crisis”. The book aims to address different issues, constraints and perspectives of the covid-19 health crisis on development and democracy in a context of hegemony, instability and climate change.

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  • Stipendien, Preise und Stellenangebote - Studien zur Wissenschaft

    Borders, Migration and Knowledge

    Beyond borders 2022

    Beyond borders provides scholarships for different stages of Ph.D. research. It supports research about borders and boundaries in past and present times and promotes interdisciplinary exchange in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • Kolloquium - Städteforschung

    Cycling through gendered lives

    Exploring the link between structural gender inequalities, gender norms and mobility practices in Japan and beyond

    This workshop will explore the link between structural gender inequalities, cultural gender norms, and women’s bicycling practices. Research works from around the world will be confronted to the “critical case” (Flyvbjerg, Bent 2006) of Tokyo to identify ways forward for research on gender and cycling.

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  • Paris

    Beitragsaufruf - Asien

    Alternative Cultural Globalization: from East Asia to Europe

    Without denying the contribution of the American model, which’s mastery in the field of pop culture has been emulated, the objective of this colloquium is to bring to light the alternative represented by East Asia, by spotlighting both the common features and the specificities of countries located in this geographical area, compared to Western countries. For example, if Hallyu was greatly inspired by the Japanese cultural industry, South Korea was nevertheless able to develop quite quickly its own strategies for the production and circulation of its products.

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  • Biarritz

    Beitragsaufruf - Soziologie

    Sport Tourism and Local Sustainable Development

    The Dynamics of Action Sports and Cultural Perspectives

    The increase in nature, freestyle or alternative activities since the 1970s in Europe and North America has been the subject of numerous studies. From recreational activities to outdoor sports, numerous definitions have emerged, provoking intellectual debate in France and internationally. Thus, these “action sports” have emerged as a collection of cultural forms shared both by the world of “sport” and that of “alternative” practices, further interrogating the growing sportivization of physical practices worldwide. Our understanding of culture must take these social practices into account.

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  • Pavia

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    By What Authority? The Historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument

    By what authority? The historical narration as a (de)legitimizing instrument is a Student Conference for graduate students and Ph.D. students who have worked and work on thesis and research projects in the fields of Archeology, Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. The Student Conference aims to encourage dialogue between students and doctoral students from different backgrounds within an inspiring and stimulating context in which to discuss their ongoing or concluded research.

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  • Kolloquium - Religionswissenschaften

    History, Philology and Archaeology of Zoroastrianism

    The purpose of this workshop will be to provide a multidisciplinary approach by combining historical studies, archaeology and philology, in order to contribute to the study of the ancient zoroastrian religion, ideally outside of modern Iran and India. Nevertheless, this purpose cannot be achieved without taking into consideration and a side-by-side comparison of the data from the long-standing tradition of the mentioned disciplines, collected from Iran, India and other related regions.

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  • Brüssel

    Kolloquium - Mittelalter

    Ancient mosques in their spatial context

    Mosques are one of the physical representations of Islam and of Muslim communities in the archaeological record. The workshop will present a number of archaeological case studies in the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, and Spain between the seventh and the thirteenth centuries. Mosques will be introduced in relation to water systems and burials, to earlier and later structures, and to specific types of settlements. In particular, the workshop will treat the question of Islamization, the definitions of the term, and its validity. The event will also include launching a database for excavated mosques until the 9th century in and discuss methods and approaches for open data in archaeology.

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  • Kolloquium - Asien

    Spirituality, Healthcare and Social Movements in East Asia. A Transnational Perspective

    The East Asian cultural sphere has figured prominently in recent collections of research on new religious movements, Theosophy and global therapeutic cultures, while it continues to attract the attention of scholars working on civil society and self-help movements. But, although we are often aware of the complex entanglements between these seemingly separate areas of interest, we seldom have the opportunity to discuss such entanglements in and beyond East Asia. At the same time, in the last twenty years, significant scholarship has been published in East Asia on this topic.This conference aims to offer such a chance by inviting academic contributions to reflect on the intertwined relationship between spirituality, healthcare and social movements in East Asia from a trans-national/local/cultural perspective. As a time of unprecedented changes and accelerated global interactions, our focus lies on the period between the nineteenth to the twentieth-first centuries.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Kolloquium - Asien

    Texts surrounding texts

    The workshop will feature discussions on and around paratexts in South Asian manuscripts, as well as presentations on collections and collectors of manuscripts.

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    La (plus) Grande Guerre des occupations militaires en Europe

    Antécédents, expériences et héritages

    Ce colloque international consacré aux occupations de la première guerre mondiale. Il a pour objectif d’appréhender les différentes formes que peuvent prendre ces multiples occupations et d’affiner les catégories permettant de les analyser en dépassant les frontières chronologiques et géographiques classiques du conflit. 

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  • Tokyo

    Beitragsaufruf - Religionswissenschaften

    Spirituality, Healthcare And Social Movements In East Asia

    A Transnational Perspective

    East Asian Network for the Academic Study Of Esotericism - EANASE's first conference aims to offer the chance to reflect on the intertwined relationship between spirituality, healthcare and social movements in East Asia from a trans-national/local/cultural perspective. The emergence of new religious movements like Theosophy, Falungong and Taireido, or the worldwide popularisation of, for instance, acupuncture, reiki and hypnosis, challenge reductionist binary views of East/West, tradition/modernity, science/religion. Likewise, the recent dissemination of New Age practices across East Asia or the ongoing study of Buddhist meditation by American and European psychiatrists seem to reflect broader concerns that, for the past two centuries or so, have ignored national and cultural borders – and whose wider social implications are now more visible than ever.

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  • Helsinki

    Kolloquium - Geschichte

    Speaking as the 'Other': Coloniality, Subalternity, and Political Articulations

    Calliope International Conference

    Speaking as the 'Other' is organised by the ERC-funded project Calliope: Vocal Articulations of Parliamentary Identity and Empire (University of Helsinki). This multidisciplinary conference seeks to examine performative, embodied and acoustic histories of articulating political representation and colonial ‘otherness’. To that end, we intend to extend the focus beyond established Anglophone analyses of the metropole and colony, and indeed, beyond the disciplinary pre-eminence of Anglophone postcolonial studies.

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  • Munich

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    Colonial Baggage: Global Tourism in the Age of Empires, 1840s–1970s

    The workshop explores the dynamics of tourist travel in colonial and imperial contexts. We welcome case studies from all geographical areas, dating roughly from the onset of the age of steam until the era of decolonization. Three hitherto neglected aspects inform our agenda: the connection between tourism and imperial (infra)structures; the trans-colonial and intra-regional dimension of tourism; as well as the workers of imperial tourism.

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  • Montpellier

    Beitragsaufruf - Asien

    Fuir les nazis : les exils bénis de l’Asie ?

    Cette rencontre s'inscrit dans la continuité du colloque de l'université franco-allemande (UFA) Montpellier-Weimar organisé en 2014 à Berlin « Construction des mythes de héros de guerre (Allemagne, France, Japon) » publié en 2017 au Leipziger Universitätsverlag. Après avoir étudié les ambivalences dans la construction des « héros guerriers », ce nouveau colloque s'intéresse cette fois à deux autres ambivalences associées à la deuxième guerre mondiale : celles du positionnement de certains États d'accueil vis-à-vis des exilés fuyant le nazisme et de « l'éthique de survie » des exilés eux-mêmes.

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  • Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    New Perspectives on Anti-Colonialism in the Metropolis

    The transnational networks of colonialism and increased mobility led to a rise in anti-colonial activism in European metropoles from the interwar period onwards. A central role can be ascribed to activists resisting against imperialism from within, as they played a crucial role in the organization of anticolonial resistance in metropole and colony. This PhD and early career workshop aims to examine anti-colonial activism in the European metropoles from interwar to immediate post-war period.

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  • Berlin

    Beitragsaufruf - Geschichte

    Refugees and the (Global) Cold War

    This international workshop will chart the intersection between refugee history and Cold War history. The most well-known connection between these two fields is the figure of the political refugee fleeing from the socialist East to the democratic West. As recent research in both areas has highlighted, however, forced displacement and Cold War competition were global phenomena. To explore the entanglement of refugee history and Cold War history in its full scope - including the above-mentioned anticommunist refugees, who remain a crucial part of the story - the workshop invites a broad range of contributions in terms of chronology, geography, and methodology, from PhD students, early career researchers, and established scholars.

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  • Agadir-n-Oumzil

    Beitragsaufruf - Vermittlung

    Le discours de la « rumeur » à l’ère du numérique

    La rumeur est un phénomène qui se manifeste par son aspect destructeur. À sa forme discursive, s’adjoint celle de sa diffusion, car le terme en question avait une connotation relevant de l’oral, mettant à l’écart l’iconique et le scriptural. On accepte néanmoins, depuis quelques temps, que le discours rumoral pourrait s’adapter à d’autres supports linguistique comme l’écrit, l’image, la caricature, surtout avec l’avènement d’Internet. Partant, cette première édition de ce colloque international essayera de survoler cette thématique en l’inscrivant dans diverses disciplines, telles que l’analyse de discours, la sémantique, la sémiotique, la pragmatique, la didactique, la sociolinguistique, la littérature, les médias et la sociologie.

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  • Paris

    Fachtagung - Geschichte

    The Iberian East Indies

    Frontiers, Actors, Dynamics

    The historiography of imperial Spain and of the Iberian-initiated first globalization has recently been renewed by the study of exchanges between Asia and America and of the Spanish Pacific. The purpose of this one-day seminar is to further this historiographical renewal and to shed some new light on the Iberian East Indies, at a time when Spain and Portugal were the two main European powers in the region. The focus will be put on exchanges, dynamics of cooperation and rivalry between empires and also between various key actors: missionaries, merchants, soldiers and officials. The aim is thus to improve our understanding of the multiple connections between the Asian territories of both empires.

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  • Ixelles/Elsene

    Stipendien, Preise und Stellenangebote - Asien

    Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile

    PhD position in Asian Studies

    This Ph.D. position is funded by a MIS (Mandat d’Impulsion Scientifique/ Incentive Grant for Scientific Research) project: “Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile”. Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking people based at the border of Central Asia and the north-western part of China. Massive internments and arrests of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have taken place in the region since 2016, including the Uyghur elite. In these conditions, centers of the cultural production of the Uyghurs have shifted from their native land to the diaspora spread across the world. This project looks at Uyghur diasporic cultural production that aims at drawing the world’s attention and bearing witness to the various abuses perpetrated at home by the Chinese government. The whole project analyses selected poems, short films, video clips, and dance and music performances to tackle new transmedial forms of testimonies in the Uyghur case.

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