• Port-au-Prince

    Call for papers - Psyche

    Psychology and trauma in the slave era: the main interdisciplinary lines of research in the reemergence of African psychology?

    International Festival of African Psychology 2016

    The International Festival of African psychology is a huge scientific and cultural interdisciplinary event. This annual activity will be held on this topic: how specific culture and knowledge shape the psychology of African descendants. The  aim of this festival is to advocate and bring awareness to the population, so that this approach could be integrated in a global theoretical frame when it comes to conceptualize psychological phenomenon and mental cares. This festival is brought to you by SITWOMAFRIKA, a Research Institute on Trauma Related to Slavery Experience & African Psychology in collaboration with the Institute of Research  and African Studies in Haiti at the State University of Haiti (IERAH/ISERSS), and the Psychosocial Department at « Zanmi Lasante »/Partners in Health. This year, we will organize a series of three scientific, artistic, and cultural days activities  from May 27 to 29 to shed light and elaborate on today psychological and psychopathological effect of trauma related to past slavery . As a consequence of this event, a discipline of psychology rooted in African philosophy or African centered would be able to (re) emerged.

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  • Port-au-Prince

    Call for papers - America

    Haitian Oraliture: Identity(ies), Structure(s), Memory(ies) and Representations through the Prism of Human and Social Sciences

    In tribute to Maurice Sixto on the occasion of the centenary of his birth

    This conference is an opportunity to pay tribute to Maurice Sixto, for his significant lodyans. The year 2019 is indeed the centenary of birth of this master of the spoken word, born in May 1919, and the 35thanniversary of his passing, which occurred in May 1984. The contemporaneous legacy of Maurice Sixto encompasses various categories of lodyanseurs, among whom former cultural colleagues, talented impersonators, original interpreters and contemporaneous storytellers who, directly or indirectly, recognize themselves through the influence of the master. This event will be the occasion to discuss the multidimensional, psycho-sociological, didactic and aesthetic value of Sixto’s work.

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