• Rome

    Study days - History

    Archives from apostolic penitentiaries - their current condition and perspectives for the future

    À l'occasion du cinquième anniversaire de l'ouverture aux chercheurs des séries consultables à l'Archivio della Penitenzieria Apostolica, une journée d'étude se tiendra le mardi 22 novembre 2016 au Palais de la Chancellerie, avec le patronage de l’École française de Rome et du Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom. Cette initiative a pour double objectif de dresser un bilan de ces cinq premières années et de suggérer des pistes de recherche pour l'avenir.

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  • Nantes

    Conference, symposium - Law

    Theological Foundations of Modern Constitutional Theory: 16th-17th Centuries

    Fondements théologiques de la théorie constitutionnelle moderne : XVIe-XVIIe siècles

    This conference aims to assemble different studies laying bridges between modern constitutional theories and theology from the perspective of intellectual history. Though modernity of law and politics has been usually accounted in the context of Reformation, the paper-givers’ approaches to the question will not be restricted in any confessional perspective, Protestant or Catholic. For, whatever the word ‘theology’ may have connoted in the time of religious confrontations, theoretical attempts to legitimize human rights and political authority at those days can be regarded as part of the general current of philosophical investigations, in a new manner and with different foci than ever, into the concept of justice with reference to that of God.

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