• Granada

    Summer School - Representation

    Islamic heritage in Europe

    Over the past decades, there has been a growing interest among scholars in analysing how the Islamic heritage in Europe has been perceived, described, preserved, erased, negotiated or transformed in different areas of Europe, from medieval to modern times. However, those debates seldom crossed the borders of regional approaches. The aim of this training school is to discuss those issues from different and complementary perspectives, including art history, but also philosophy, history of science or anthropology, and to question the traditional regional narrative through a comparative examination of Islamic monuments in a wider Mediterranean perspective.

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  • Monopoli

    Summer School - Language

    Pathos. Forms and fortunes of literary emotions

    The goal of this summer school is to explore the role of emotions in literature, namely with respect to the excess of pathos in different forms and times. Pathos has been a fundamental aspect of literature in every epoch. Great poetry has always foregrounded its ability to represent feelings, evoke intense and vivid moods, and elicit readers’ emotions and empathy. On the other hand, the novel – the genre dominating literary modernity – has been o!en accused of indulging in sentimental excess, giving too much space to melodramatic expression. Indeed, in Western cultures, there is a widespread suspicion towards pathos, which has o!en been identified as a shortcoming of literature. Great books – according to a common implicit assumption – can prompt reflection and laughter, but not tears: pathos only concerns lowbrow production. The summer school is an opportunity to engage in a reflection on issues related to pathos in literature in the last few centuries. Different perspectives will be taken into account: specific literary works, reader response theory, cognitive narratology, transmedia adaptation, and publishing history.

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  • Nanterre

    Summer School - Representation

    Art and Politics

    Springtime Academy 2018

    The 16th AnnualSpringtime Academy (École de printemps d’histoire de l’art) organized by the International Consortium on Art Historywill take place from June 18–23, 2018, at the Université Paris Nanterre, on the theme “Art and Politics,” reflecting the fiftieth anniversary of the events of May 1968. This weeklong program will bring together students at the masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels from various disciplines and specializations to share research, working methods and experience in an international and interdisciplinary dialogue with advanced scholars and professionals.

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  • Bayonne

    Summer School - Ethnology, anthropology

    The music of migrants in camps

    Making art in an emergency situation

    Cette université d’été a deux objectifs. le premier est d'explorer un secteur mal étudié de l’ethnologie comme la musique dans les camps de transit. S’il existe une abondante littérature historienne et musicologique sur la musique dans les camps de concentration et dans les camps d’extermination, rares sont les études qui portent sur les pratiques musiciennes. Le second objectif est de construire une démarche comparative afin de mesurer la singularité d’une observation ponctuelle sur ce que l’on appelle la crise des migrants en Europe : Paris, Baigorri, Calais, Dunkerque (France), Friedland (Göttingen, Allemagne), M’Bera (Mauritanie), Mentao (Burkina Faso), Zaatari (Jordanie).  

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  • Paris

    Summer School - History

    Bureaucracy and identity construction in the colonial and post-colonial context (1500–2015)

    Based on a trilateral German, French and Senegalese cooperation, we wish to contribute to the academic exchange in African Studies between Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The summer school combines the reading of theory-related texts, the presentation of selected problems and case studies, as well as discussions. Its aim is to provide a solid foundation for further research and reflection, which will open up new perspectives and lead to cutting-edge findings.

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  • Lisbon

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    Travelling in the Middle Ages

    Portugal and the World

    This year's Summer School Programme will be on “Traveling in the Middle Ages. Portugal and the World”, and  will take place during the last three weeks of July (11th-30th July). This year’s Programme “Traveling in the Middle Ages: Portugal and the World”  includes the following modules: the experience of travel; travelers and their motivations; the journey of objects and ideas; exploring medieval Portuguese sites.

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  • Porto

    Summer School - Sociology

    Mappin' Your Own Underground!

    Keep It Ssimple Make It Fast International Conference – Summer School

    The Summer School "Mappin’ Your Own Underground!" is an event taking place in the context of the Keep It Simple Make It Fast Conference 2016 (17-22 July 2016) on the 22nd of July 2016, in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto. The Summer School will grant an opportunity for all students (bachelor students, master students, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers), namely those participating in the Conference, to discuss their research, in an environment suited for knowledge exchange and practical feedback towards successful professional trajectories. This will be achieved through a series of workshops with world-renowned professors and researchers.

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  • Mainz

    Summer School - Representation

    Distance and/or Close-up

    Visuality, Community, and Affect in Representations of History

    The Institute of Romance Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz is hosting an interdisciplinary Autumn School from 4-9 October 2015, in cooperation with ZIS, the Centre for Intercultural Studies (JGU), and funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, on the topic of: Distance and/or Close-up: Visuality, Community, and Affect in Representations of History.

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