• Taipei

    Call for papers - Asia

    Sinophone Studies in Europe and the Americas

    Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity in Taiwan (CCS) will be holding 2019 “Sinophone Studies in Europe and the Americas”(SEA) International Young Scholars Conference at National Chengchi University, Taiwan, November 19-21, 2019. The conference invites both critical scholarship and creative writing in various fields of Sinophone studies.

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  • Caen

    Call for papers - America

    Regions and Regionalism in Canada: constructing and managing political, social and cultural territory

    In a contemporary age in which “think globally, act locally” has become a slogan, has the propensity to favour local initiatives resulted in shifting loyalties, has it modified the level at which citizens feel their strongest sense of belonging? Has it altered conceptions of citizenship? Has it had any impact on the locus of power? Which conceptual tools are most pertinent when trying to apprehend the social, cultural and political dimensions of regions and regionalism in Canada? How has the territorial notion of “region”, which comes out of the European tradition, been articulated to adapt to the Canadian context, especially with regard to the question of belonging (communities, nations, etc)?

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  • Hammamet Nord

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Toward a management of paradoxes uncertainty an impératif of excellence

    The scientific and programme committee of the 2nd MIE conference invites scholars and practioners to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation. The conference theme is as follows “Toward a management of paradoxes: Uncertainty and imperatives of excellence”. In that respect, submissions that particularly, but not exclusively, relate to the conference theme are encouraged.Contributors have the opportunity to present their researches either in parallel sessions or in poster sessions. Doctoral workshops will be provided as well.We welcome both theoretical contributions and empirical findings related to the conference topic.

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  • Shanghai

    Summer School - Political studies

    The governance of socio-ecological systems

    Exploring the land-ocean continuum: coastal zones, river deltas, islands and wetlands

    East China Normal University is hosting a Summer School on the Governance of Socio-Ecological Systems (SES), which is a rapidly emerging issue in many environment related disciplines and especially sustainability science. The GOSES Summer School is organized together with the University of Reims and SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Thought

    Sleep and memory

    From an interdisciplinary perspective including neuroscience, medicine, the humanities and art, the meeting aims at (1) advancing and disseminating scientific knowledge on how specific sleep processes aid memory consolidation (2) inspiring science and arts to adopt new approaches to the importance of sleep and dreams (3) benefiting society by promoting awareness for good sleep habits and their effect on cognitive well-being.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Sociology

    Risk, Violence, and Collective Agency

    This colloquium will assemble a multidisciplinary group of literary scholars, philosophers, sociologists and historians to explore the interrelation of concepts of risk, violence, and collective agency. Participants will do so in a number of literary, historical and geographical contexts, such as Rimbaud’s or Zola’s Paris, Dostoevsky’s or Mandelstam’s Russia, or the 16th century French religious wars and the Armenian genocide. Conversations will engage the critical and philosophical work of Hobbes, Goethe, Arendt, Berlin, Derrida or Balibar. What is at stake is how theories of risk and collective agency might reveal new ways of understanding not only acts of violence or massacre, nihilism and collective political affect, collective will and democracy, or totalitarianism and genocide, but also the complexities of their aesthetic, literary, historiographical or sociological representations.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    The future for work at industrial sites at major industrial risk

    What sociotechnical conditions for security in globalised, networked world?

    The Sociology Institute at the University of Neuchâtel is hosting the 2019 edition of the Swiss Sociological Association biannual congress on September 10 to 12, 2019. The theme of the event is The Future of Work.

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  • Ghent

    Call for papers - Geography

    What does carceral geography bring to carceral studies?

    19th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology : convergent roads, bridges and new pathways in criminology

    The term ‘carceral geography’ describes a vibrant field of geographical and space-centred research into practices and institutions of incarceration, ranging from prisons to migrant detention facilities and beyond. Although rapid, its development is far outpaced by the expansion, diversification and proliferation of those strategies of spatial control and coercion towards which it is attuned. The dictionary definition of carceral is ‘relating to, or of prison’, but as Routley notes ‘carceral geography is not just a fancier name for the geography of prisons’. Carceral geography is in close dialogue with longer-standing academic engagements with the carceral, most notably criminology and prison sociology. Dialogue initially comprised learning and borrowing from criminology, but within a more general criminological engagement with spaces and landscapes  recent years have seen criminologists increasingly considering and adopting perspectives from carceral geography.

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  • Delhi

    Call for papers - Asia

    Of mediation and power : Intermediaries in the South Asian societies

    XXIe ateliers de l'Association des jeunes études indiennes (AJEI)

    Les XXIe ateliers de l'Association des jeunes études indiennes (AJEI) se tiendront à Delhi du 22 eu 25 avril 2019, dans les locaux du Centre des sciences humaines sur le thème de l'intermédiation et du pouvoir. L'AJEI est une association de jeunes chercheur·e·s sur l'Inde, qui depuis plus de 20 ans organise des evènements scientifiques permettant de visibiliser sa recherche, d'en discuter, de la confronter à l'avis de chercheur·e·s seniors. L'appel à contributions ci-dessous donne les axes centraux mais nous restons ouverts à toute contribution recoupant la thèmatique et se basant sur des données empiriques solides. 

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Home Away From Home

    Seminar HOME II

    After a first series of seminars called Home: Heaven and Hell that explored the relations of a subject to his places of origin in contemporary narratives, a next series of HOME will dwell on the reconstruction of an imagined home. What characterizes this new home that follows the wandering, exile or migration? This time under the title of Home Away From Home, a second series of seminars wishes to examine present-day literary and artistic representations of adopted spaces as to understand how these representations emerge in interaction with a subject who is confronted with a territorial quest that is coming to an end.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Work in Ethiopia

    Rationalization, dominance and mobilizations

    Work is neither a subject omitted by the research on the Horn of Africa, however this is nor an object of study in its own right. Scholars generally subordinate analysis of work to analysis of development. On the one hand this concept of development is linked with an optimistic vision which highlights the successes of the developmental State implemented in Ethiopia. On the other hand, development is associated to a pessimistic view of the country, focused on poverty reduction.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - America

    The undisciplined discipline: the challenges of Pop Cultural Studies

    This call for paper is for a workshop which it itself included in this year's international symposium of the AFEA (Franch Association of American Studies) which will happen in Nantes, France from May 22 nd to the 24th. This year's main theme of the conference is "discipline/indiscipline." (event for which you can find more information here: http://www.afea.fr/-2019-AFEA-Conference-Discplines-Indiscipline-.html) This workshop intends to address and explore further this binary dichotomy through the prism of cultural studies, interrogating more precisely if the emergence of pop cultural studies is truly something to advocate for. Communications can tackle this issue from a more theoretical standpoint, but they can also deal with more precise case studies which would illustrate how pop culture and cultural studies are both defying disciplinary classifications. Communications can be either in French or in English.

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  • Strasbourg

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Biographies, Mobilities, and the Politics of Migration

    Midterm conference of the Research Network “Sociology of Migration” of the European Sociological Association

    Current political and media discourses on the questions of “integration”, “belonging” and “borders” are dominated by the perspectives of Western nation states. The objective of this midterm conference of the Research Network 35 “Sociology of Migration” of the European Sociological Association (ESA) is to shift the focus to the perspectives of those who are labeled and talked about in these debates and who become the target of ever-more complex and differentiated border and mobility regimes. This conference will, in other words, interrogate the way belongings and borders are presently challenged and reshaped on different levels (local, national, international) and how biographical perspectives in migration research can shed new light on these processes.

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  • Galway

    Call for papers - Geography

    Disability in rural areas: between geographic exclusion and social insertion

    Dans le cadre du VIIe congrès des Sociétés de géographie européennes, EUGEO 2019, qui aura lieu à Galway (Irlande) du 15 au 18 mai 2019 nous vous invitons à proposer une communication pour la session « Disability in rural areas: between geographic exclusion and social insertion » qui s'intéressera aux interactions entre le handicap et les processus d'exclusion ainsi qu'aux expériences favorisant l'inclusion dans les espaces ruraux, sur la base d'études de cas pouvant s'appliquer à tous les domaines de la vie quotidienne. (insertion professionnelle, accès à l'éducation, à la santé, aux services, aux loisirs, à la culture, etc.). Les propositions sont acceptées en anglais, français, espagnol et italien. 

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa

    IV Cham international conference, Lisbon, July 2019

    The Portuguese Centre for Humanities (CHAM) is an inter-University research unit of the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and of the Universidade dos Açores, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. CHAM’s team includes researchers from different disciplinary fields (Archaeology, Art History, Heritage, Literature, Philosophy and History of ideas), different domains of History (Economic, Cultural, Political, Social, Religious, History of Science and History of books and reading practices) and specialists from various geographic spaces. From 2015 to 2020, CHAM’s strategic project will focus on “frontiers”. This multi-disciplinary project considers frontiers as limits that distinguished, throughout history, a plurality of societies and cultures, but also as social and cultural constructs that promoted communication and interaction.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Religion

    Spiritual tourism

    ISSR 2019 conference

    Si le tourisme est un phénomène moderne, le tourisme spirituel se pose comme une mutation post-moderne et plurielle de la pratique du pèlerinage vers les lieux sacrés. Pèlerins et touristes partagent les mêmes exigences concernant la disponibilité de structures, infrastructures et services. Toutefois, les motivations qui les poussent à entamer le voyage dont la connotation est spirituelle peuvent être profondément différentes, comme sont différents les moyens de transport utilisés pour atteindre la destination. Une mobilité spirituelle non seulement amplifie le registre du sacré, mais ouvre aussi à l’immanence au point de pouvoir analyser cette pratique dans le domaine des loisirs spirituels.

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    The representation of feminine desire - between text and image

    Litter@ Incognita e-journal issue 10

    La revue en ligne Litter@ Incognita, pour son dixième numéro, invite les chercheur·se·s et jeunes chercheur·se·s de toute discipline à interroger la relations entre l’articulation texte/image et le désir féminin. Elle propose aux contributeur·rice·s de se pencher sur des productions culturelles, notamment intermédiales et transmédiales, qui déjouent les représentations textuelles, visuelles ou psychiques conventionnelles pour mieux interroger les modalités complexes de représentation du désir sexuel féminin, et d'étudier ce que l’articulation entre le texte (écrit ou oral) et l’image (visuelle ou mentale) permet aux femmes dans la représentation et l’expression de leurs désirs sexuels. 

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    Religious urbanisation and development in Africa

    The volume will critically explore how processes related to religious urbanization intersect with different notions of development in African contexts. Cities are taken to be powerful venues for the creation and implementation of models of development whose moral, temporal, and political assumptions need to be examined, not least as they intersect with religious templates for the planning and reform of urban space.

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  • Guelph

    Call for papers - History

    Prisons, Prisoners and Prison Records in Historical Perspective

    The rise of the prison as an institution of mass incarceration for offenders has for long fascinated researchers. In part, this is due to the unusually detailed nature of most prison records. The wide availability of somewhat similar sources across diverse European and European-derived societies provides criminologists, social and economic historians, demographers and other social scientists with rich collections of personal information that have been analysed intensively since the 1970s. The increasing power of software and hardware and the accumulation of very large quantities of prison data, some of it linked to other sources, offers challenges and opportunities for researchers today. The workshop responds to the challenge of harnessing criminal justice records by bringing together scholars in different disciplines and countries to share information about their sources, methodologies of classification and analysis, and to reconceptualize research paradigms.

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  • Call for papers - Asia

    Sinophone musical worlds and their publics

    China Perspectives / Perspectives Chinoises

    Recent success of Chinese reality television singing competitions broadcasted on national television or streamed directly on the internet, has shown the extent of musical genres represented in the Chinese world, from pop to folk via hip-hop or rock ’n’ roll. The popularity of new musical styles up to then considered as deviant as well as the recent attempts of the State to intervene directly on musical contents, tend to blur the distinctions between “mainstream” (流行) music, “popular” (民间) music as non-official, “underground” (地下) music or even “alternative” (另类) music. This call for papers aims at promoting a better understanding of the transformations of Chinese “musical worlds”, in the sense that Becker gave to “art worlds”, which stresses the role of cooperation and interactions between the different actors of the artistic sphere.

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