• Call for papers - Urban studies

    Digital Polis

    City versus digital: stakes of a project conjugated in future

    This colloquium aims at contributing to the development of understanding the social dynamics and policies that arise at the crossing point between digital concepts and contemporary urban city as a context. Considering the city as active support of a political and social space mirroring the Greek polis, this scientific event will be registered in anthropology of the relation between “city” and “digital”. Perspectives on dual aspects of this study will focus on the different concepts that characterize their relationships and the stakeholders who are involved. How are the socio-political stakes of the city built through the development of the notions of “digital city”, “smart city”, “city 2.0” or “contributory city”?

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  • Nablus

    Call for papers - Modern

    Living, Consuming and Action in Glocal Palestine

    More often than not, Palestine, characterised by conflict, is analysed through the sole lenses of its political or cultural idiosyncrasy. Yet, new ways of living, consuming and acting that are embedded in the global reality, have emerged in the previous years and remained understudied. This global dimension may be understood as an imposed and inescapable reality, yet it is also adopted, integrated, amended and applied to a local dimension, so as to create a purely Palestinian form of it.This event will gather mostly researchers and PhD students in social sciences specialised in Palestine but will also pursue a comparative approach by resorting to other cases in the Middle East, North Africa or Europe. The conference also aims at confronting various approaches at the crossroads between art and science, research and action; it will create the frame for a dialogue between social sciences and the works of artists, architects as well as the new actions and philosophy of citizen and activist societies.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Political studies

    The energy transition of European societies: from the city to the region

    The examples of Germany and the united Kingdom

    In partnership with Électricité de France (EDF), Paris Institute for Advanced Studies (Paris IAS) is recruiting two high-level international researchers in the humanities and social sciences (or related fields) for a period of nine months, to take part in a research programme on the energy transition of European societies, with particular emphasis on Germany and the UK, from a city to a regional level. Paris IAS will host successful applicants beginning in October 2014 or January 2015, offering them the opportunity to focus entirely on their research while benefiting from a front-ranking scientific environment, and building lasting networks with university and research institutions in Paris and the Île-de-France Region.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Les villes morcelées : quelles approches alternatives pour la rénovation urbaine ?

    Tackling Urban Fragmentation. Alternative Approaches to Urban Regeneration

    This one day conference invites researchers working on initiatives aiming at introducing innovative urban regeneration projects in cities across Europe, particularly cities affected by radical re-modellings over the last twenty years. We are looking for instances of administrative traditions being challenged towards exploratory strategies by lobbying groups of architects/designers, or local communities, or even local governments. This conference wants to explore if and how the expertise of uses from inhabitants and field workers in urban regeneration processes may be integrated to learn about possible ways of challenging the emerging patterns of urban fragmentation.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Urban Nature through Projects. Towards a new coalition between city and nature

    Intitulé « Nature urbaine en projets », le présent colloque a pour ambition de mieux comprendre et connaître ce qu’il en est du devenir de la ville –sa nature- dès lors qu’elle s’attache à la nature. Car s'il faut bien envisager l’avenir des formes urbaines naturelles –promenades plantées, parcs, jardins- héritées de l’histoire, c’est à l’aune d’une demande sociale de nature, elle-même fluctuante, que cela doit être fait. Et s’il faut dès lors appréhender le devenir des modèles de nature auxquels se réfèrent les architectes, les paysagistes et les urbanistes qui aménagent nos villes en espaces naturels, il convient tout autant d’interroger les mutations du « projet » en tant qu’outil de conception auquel ces professionnels ont recours. Il n’est pas jusque la question de l’ « innovation » architecturale, paysagère et urbanistique qui n’implique la notion de dépassement du présent inhérente aux projets de nature urbaine. Une nouvelle alliance entre nature et ville se dessinerait-elle ?

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  • Monterey Park

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    Sur a sur. The Great Metropolises of the World - 100 Years of Transition

    Ce colloque a réuni des spécialistes de plusieurs régions du monde, avec la finalité de réfléchir sur les transitions qui ont caractérisé les métropoles d'Amérique Centrale, tout au long de ce siècle, ainsi que le Moyen-Orient et l'Asie. Le colloque s'est passé au Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario, dans la ville de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, au Mexique.

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