• Ghent

    Call for papers - History

    Historical Network Research

    This conference follows up the Future of Historical Network Research (HNR) Conference 2013 and aims to bring together scholars from all historical disciplines, sociologists, other social scientists, geographers and computer scientists to discuss the emerging field of historical Social Network Analysis. The concepts and methods of social network analysis in historical research are no longer merely used as metaphors but are increasingly applied in practice. With the increasing availability of both structured and unstructured digital data, we should be able to analyze complex phenomena. Historical SNA can help us to cope with the organization of this information and the reduction of complexity.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Science studies

    From silicosis to silica hazards: an experiment in medicine, history and the social sciences

    What are the biases inherited from the constitution of medical knowledge? How does returning to the root of “scientific truth” open new avenues to contemporary research? The present colloquium is an unprecedented interdisciplinary experiment whereby medical experts, epidemiologists and historians will question the very foundations of current medical knowledge of silica hazards, in order to discuss the unknown origin of a range of systemic diseases.

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  • Berne

    Call for papers - History

    Medical expertise in the 20th and 21st centuries

    Medical expertise in the 20th and 21st century / Medizinische Expertise im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert / L'expertise médicale aux XXe et XXIe siècles. Annual conference of the Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and Sciences, September 5 – 7, 2013, Bern, Switzerland. The conference would like to address the issue from various perspectives and ask e.g. the following questions: To which levels of medical knowledge and activity (skill, professional knowledge, experience, relationship with patients) did and does the claim of expertise refer to? Which strategies, rhetorics and kinds of self-fashioning were and are used in order to achieve, retain or reject the status of expertise? Which was and is the relationship between expertise, profession(nalism), institutionalization and specialization? In what respect is there a difference between a physician's claim of expertise and that of other health professionals?

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