• Angoulême

    Call for papers - Economy

    Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth

    VIIIth Interdisciplinary Conference on Child and Teen Consumption

    The interdisciplinary conference « Child and Teen Consumption » aims to facilitate in-depth dialogue between researchers from various disciplines: management, psychology, sociology, information and communication, anthropology, history, educational sciences, law, etc. Whilst the 8th conference will aim to continue interdisciplinary research and dialogue on broad themes related to children and young people as consumers, the theme of the 2018 conference will be « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » in order to reflect its location in Angoulême and the growing research and public policy interest in this topic. The conference aims to highlight research in this domaine and invites producers of cultural material to bring their views to the debate.

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  • Call for papers - Economy

    “Dependent Capitalism” in Central and Eastern Europe

    Theoretical foundations and diversity of national trajectories

    The transformation of post-socialist countries and their following integration into the European Union have raised new questions about the nature of the economic models emerging from these major institutional changes in Central and Eastern Europe. Would a new family of capitalism, marked by the legacy of the socialist regime, emerge or would post-socialist economies converge towards models of capitalism identified in the literature?

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  • Conference, symposium - Geography

    Theories and models of urbanization

    ERC GeoDiverCity International Workshop

    The ambition of the meeting is to engage discussion about fundamental questions regarding urban theories and modeling. Invited keynote speeches will be followed each by a roundtable of discussion. Related major results from the ERC will also be presented. The intention of the workshop is to summarize the state of knowledge and prepare an agenda for future research.Keynotes speeches will be delivered by Michael Storper, Michael Batty, Romain Reuillon, Elsa Arcaute, Marc Barthelemy and Fulong Wu. Distinguished scholars will comment their contributions and present their own vision about these questions.

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  • Tallinn

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Modernism and Rurality: Mapping the State of Research (EAHN 2018 - Tallin)

    5th European Architectural History Network International Meeting, in Tallinn, June 2018

    This session aims to address, from a historical perspective, the relation between, on one side, architecture and the related disciplines, and on the other side, agriculture and rurality at large. We welcome proposals specifically mapping case studies concerned with large-scale agricultural development and/or colonization schemes conceived and (but not necessarily) implemented in Europe and beyond during modern times (late 18th-20th century), strongly connected to nation- and State-building processes, and to the modernization of the countryside. We are particularly interested in those examples which aimed to “make the difference” in both scale and numbers, entailing radical reshaping of previously uninhabited or sparsely populated areas into new, planned, “total” rural landscapes.

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  • London

    Call for papers - History

    New approches to Ruskin on Art and Architecture

    In advance of his bicentenary in 2019 this conference will provide the opportunity togather together, present and exchange new approaches by emerging scholars to the work of the nineteenth-century art critic, art writer, art historian, artist and social commentator John Ruskin, with particular emphasis on his work on art and architecture as understood to constitute the kernel of Ruskin’s engagement with human society and experience.

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  • Montevideo

    Call for papers - Representation

    Ducasse Maldoror Lautréamont / Mayo del 68 / Erotismo Sexualidad

    Lorsque le XIXe siècle arrivait à sa première moitié, les rives du Rio de la Plata deviennnent le théâtre d’un jeu sophistiqué mené, entre autres, par les populations criollas installées dans le bassin platense, les immigrés récemment arrivés d’horizons divers, les États européens monarchiques, les forces libérales et bonapartistes qui s’y opposent, l’Église, les cercles éclairés anticléricaux, les États américains qui viennent d'être créés. C’est dans cet espace fait de rencontres, de conflits et de mélanges de langues et d’idéaux qu’est né à Montevideo Isidore Ducasse, comte de Lautréamont, auteur d’une œuvre, les Chants de Maldoror, qui s’est révélée être la réécriture d’une tradition et la matière d’un avenir, toujours ouverte à des réinterprétations, à des recréations, à des versions et à des traductions.

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  • Brussels

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Black studies in Europe

    A transnational dialogue

    Although it has long been existing on the other side of the Atlantic, where it found institutionalisation in the wake of post world war II black social movements in the United States, the field of Black Studies is only emerging in Europe. Its development is uneven, however. Some European countries show a longer history and a more prolific scholarship than others in the study of people categorized as “Black”. Different approaches are being used, and different traditions are being formed. The relationships between scholarship, activism and the wider political landscape are more or less close, more or less explicit, more or less influential to each other, depending on the context.

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  • Évry

    Study days - Economy

    International View of Collaborative Innovation 2017

    Cette manifestation scientifique originale et transversale se fonde sur la présentation de différentes approches autour du thème de l'innovation collaborative dans un objectif de valoriser les recherches actuelles et promouvoir des recherches futures. L'objectif du workshop est de croiser les regards des chercheurs ayant des approches différentes (gestionnaire, sociologue, ingénieur, économiste) ainsi que des institutionnels (financement et gouvernance) sur les questions liées à l’innovation collaborative dans un objectif de mise en place de projets de recherche futurs et l’édition du numéro spécial de la revue Journal of Innovation Economics & Management.

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Black womanhood in popular culture

    De Gruyter Open topical issue

    In contemporary popular culture, black womanhood frequently takes centre stage. It occupies an increasingly central place and articulates new and renewed dimensions, prompting questions about the status of black women in the cultural imaginary of the United States and beyond. Most prominently, Michelle Obama's First Ladyship has sparked scholarly and media discussions around the significance of stereotypes associated with black women, the possibilities and limitations of public figures to create new images and anchor them in the cultural imaginary, and about the subject positions and images that express and shape constructions of black womanhood (cf. Harris-Perry 2011, Schäfer 2015, Spillers 2009).

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  • Paris

    Study days - Economy

    The political economy of regulatory devices: The case of macro-prudential regulation in the aftermath of the global financial crisis

    Ideologies, discourses and the fabric of evidence and devices in macro-prudential regulation

    This colloquium is organized by Matthias Thiemann (Sciences Po Paris, 2016-2017 Paris Institute for Advanced Study fellow), with the support of the Paris Institute for Advanced Study, Sciences Po Centre d'études européennes and the CNRS.

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  • Frankfurt

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    New Directions for Libraries, Scholars, and Partnerships

    An International Symposium

    A symposium, New Directions for Libraries, Scholars, and Partnerships, will take place on Friday, October 13, 2017, at the German National Library during the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Symposium is sponsored by the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections (CIFNAL) and the German-North American Resources Partnership (GNARP), both working projects of the Center for Research Libraries (Chicago, USA), with support from the German National Library and other French, German, and international partners. Session topics include: collections and collaboration; digital scholarship; the publishing revolution; new dimensions of service to scholars and students; and new strategies for services and partnerships.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Economy

    Norms and normativity

    4th International Conference “Economic Philosophy”

    Collective life is structured by norms. Even though such norms manifest as regularities for those who observe them, they also constitute rules to follow or ideals to mimic. May these norms be social, moral, or legal, they organize practices and orient judgments, especially in the economic sphere. Consequently, they constitute one of the first objects of study for both economics and philosophy, and more broadly for the social sciences.

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  • Riga

    Study days - Law

    Intangible Cultural Heritage in Nature

    Spaces, Resources and Practices - International Research Seminar of Comparative Law

    Intangible cultural heritage can be created by communities as a response to their environment and their interaction with nature. Farming, fishing, hunting, pastoral or food gathering practices are, for instance, associated to natural resources and spaces. Safeguarding these elements of intangible cultural heritage requires, not only recognition of a community’s rights to access ecosystems, such as forests or seas, but also the right to use its resources. States may grant to communities hunting, shing or harvesting rights, to preserve their traditional lifestyle and the intangible cultural heritage it sustains. These rights must however be exercised in an ecologically sustainable manner to mitigate the impact these practices can have on the environment. In contrast, some knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe can be considered as land management systems or as traditional ecological knowledge. In this case, safeguarding intangible cultural heritage contributes directly to the preservation of the environment and to the conservation of biodiversity.

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  • Córdoba

    Call for papers - Thought

    Arte / literatura / diseño / tecnologías

    II conversatorio internacional sobre tecnoestética y sensorium contemporáneo

    Uno de los principales propósitos del conversatorio es acercar a investigadores y estudiantes los debates y problemáticas que tienen lugar en el campo de la literatura y el arte digital desde una perspectiva analítica, crítica y reflexiva, orientando el pensamiento hacia el ámbito específico de la producción artificial de sensibilidades, con el objetivo de afianzar el crecimiento y el desarrollo de un área de estudios aún incipiente.

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  • Melbourne

    Conference, symposium - Oceania

    New Caledonia and the intellectual imagination

    This symposium co-convened by Scott Robertson (ANU) and Ingrid Sykes (La Trobe University) will draw together leading researchers from a variety of different backgrounds to discuss the way in which contemporary and historical New Caledonia reconfigures our understandings of key-defining areas of Western humanities and social scientific thought. It will be held in French.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    Assistant professor in History at Nazarbayev University

    The department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies in the School of humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan invites applications for a fixed term position as assistant professor in history.

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  • Prague

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Modern

    Post-Doctoral Researcher at CEFRES within the TANDEM Program

    A post-doctoral position at CEFRES cofunded by Charles University and CEFRES within the frame of the TANDEM  program aiming at creating an international team through the cooperation of these two institutions with the Czech Academy of Sciences at CEFRES.

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  • Dublin

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    The Waldensians in the Medieval and Early Modern context

    The Waldensians in the Medieval and Early Modern European context is an interdisciplinary conference to be held in Trinity College Dublin on February 9-10, 2018, and hosted by the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Power and media, media power Insights on the Americas

    Insights on the Americas

    For its 11th issue, RITA proposes to interrogate the links between power and media in the Americas. Several areas of debate can be suggested, although they should not be considered as exclusive. Articles making a critical analysis of official media as well as opposition media, in varied historical and geographical contexts, will of course be welcome. Other articles may deal with the treatment of popular movements by the media. Critical reflections on the relationship between media and economic power are also encouraged. The Thema section can also include analysis of the current diversification of information media by focusing, for instance, on the emergence of “alternative” media on the Internet, or on the power of fake news over the construction of collective representations.

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  • Helsinki

    Call for papers - History

    In­clu­sion and ex­clu­sion in the his­tory of ideas

    The Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History invites paper and panel proposals for its first international conference, which will take place 14-15 December 2017. Papers and panels should address intellectual history, broadly speaking, and relate to the general conference theme of “inclusion and exclusion”.

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