• Marseille

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Family Migrations and Uses of Law

    Actors, Norms and Regulation within International Families' Movement

    In the last decades, international migrations have significantly influenced family structures. Individuals migrate to rejoin their spouse or family; some have to juggle between the law of their country of origin and of their country of residence to divorce; others give birth to a child in a country where they have no right to reside. Minors are adopted or legally taken, others are conceived abroad (surrogacy mothers, medically-assisted procreaction), some are forced or invited to leave their country. This symposium aims at filling existing gaps in this highly topical field of research, regularly approached either by a disciplinary entry, or by employing the regulating action of law. On the contrary, this symposium investigates several other perspectives assumed by the law and the plurality of actors concerned by it.

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  • Paris

    Study days - Sociology

    Ageing and geographical mobilities - family, care and migrations

    Famille, care et migrations

    Cette journée d’étude vise à interroger la manière dont la prise en charge de la vieillesse, les liens familiaux et les relations de soin au grand âge sont mis à l’épreuve et reconfigurés dans des contextes migratoires. Trois approches sont privilégiées : la reconfiguration des solidarités familiales face à la distance, les enjeux liés au vieillissement des migrants eux-mêmes, les migrations de travail transnationales dans le soin aux personnes âgées.

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