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    Call for papers - History

    Feminists and their archives (1968-2018)

    Militantism, memory and research

    The fiftieth anniversary of May and June 1968 will be the occasion for numerous commemorations of the event, but also more generally on the "1968 years", bounded, according to Philippe Artières and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel by the two dates of 1962 and 1981. During that period, feminist movements in France and other occidental countries experienced a renewal through activism, intense cultural production and high visibility in the public sphere and the media. To write the history of such feminist mobilizations and to question their posterity, one needs to engage with the issue of archives, written and oral, private as well as institutional, collective as well as individual, preserved or destroyed. This symposium aims to initiate a wide-ranging reflection on the constitution, conservation and use of feminist archives and to promote an interdisciplinary and international dialogue.

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