• Montreal

    Conference, symposium - America

    Islamism and violence

    Debates and issues

    The aim is to create an interdisciplinary and multitheoretical space for researchers of any academic level interested in sharing their work on any aspect ofthe links between Islamism and violence. This intellectual exploration seeks to understand better thetransmission chain(s) that link(s) (or not) the intellectual producers of Islamist ideologies and those radicalized persons who have carried out violent acts in support ofsuch ideologies.

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  • Montreal

    Conference, symposium - Education

    Religion at school and professional ethics

    6th annual GREE conference

    Le VIe colloque annuel du Groupe de recherche sur l'éducation éthique et l'éthique en éducation (GREE) de l'université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) se tiendra prochainement sur le thème « Religion à l'école et éthique professionnelle »

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