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    Coins and currency in the 10th and 11th centuries

    Issuing authorities, political powers, economic influences

    The 10th-11th centuries were crucial for the history of France. The centralized Carolingian state gave way to the regional principalities. Why this happened and how it affected society are core questions for historical research. The study of coins has a huge potential to contribute to this debate. Contrary to written documents, they survive in thousands. Contrary to other archaeological artefacts, coins are struck by official decision, reflecting the “state”. They are more closely datable them most other artefacts. Coins also circulate widely in many spheres of society, reflecting trade and economics.The conference Coins and currency in the 10th and 11th centuries takes advantage of this leap forward to reopen the debate. The aim of the conference is to bring numismatists, archaeologists and historians together in order to confront their ideas for the mutual benefit of historical knowledge.

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