• Jarandilla de la Vera

    Call for papers - Religion

    Ancient religion in rural settlements

    XVIII International ARYS Conference

    This conference aims to deconstruct the ideas of rural religion as mechanically reproducing urban rituals and religious hierarchies and of the rural world as a space of cultural and religious resilience against urbanity. Rural areas represented an arena for very situational processes of negotiation between, on the one hand, administrative patterns and related social configurations, and, on the other hand, processes of social conformance to the very characteristics of a local specific rural environment, of adaptation to its peculiar habitus and religious customs, possibly involving gods whose competences directly mirrored a geophysical environment made of mountains, rivers, woods, etc.

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  • Málaga

    Call for papers - Religion

    Calling upon Gods, Offering Bodies

    Strategies of Human-Divine Communication in the Roman Empire from Individual Experience to Social Reproduction

    The Department of Historical Science at the University of Málaga and the Institute of Historiography “Julio Caro Baroja” at the University of Carlos III of Madrid are organizing an international conference titled “Calling upon gods, offering bodies. Strategies of human-divine communication in the Roman Empire from individual experience to social reproduction”. Researchers of Ancient History, History of Religion, Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, and other related fields are invited to present their research on this topic. The conference aims at analysing how self-experience of religious communication becomes a reflexive phenomenon reproduced in time and space to constitute a collectively shared narrative.

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