• Luxembourg City

    Call for papers - Modern

    Multi.Pluri.Trans. Emerging Fields in Educational Ethnography

    The conference picks up recent tendencies in ethnographic research that respond to the diversifying social conditions of educational practice by addressing issues such as the translocality and pluricentricity, the multilingual, intercultural as well as multimodal nature of educational realities and the complex relations between local practices and national / global transformations and policies in the fields of education and social work. In different formats of contributions we will present and discuss theoretical and methodological conceptualizations, empirical research findings, as well as questions of research practice and methods.

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  • Marseille

    Seminar - Ethnology, anthropology

    "A little rebellion from time to time": temporal divergences and social dramas

    Le séminaire interlaboratoire du Département d'anthropologie d'Aix-Marseille Université, organisé par les doctorants du CEMAF, CNE, CREDO, IDEMEC et IRASIA, se déroulera toute la journée du vendredi 27 janvier 2012 dans l'amphi de chimie sur le campus St-Charles à Marseille. Le séminaire, intitulé « Une petite rébellion de temps en temps », discutera des divergences temporelles dans l'étude contemporaine des phénomènes sociaux.

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