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    Teaching Gender. Theory and society in the classroom

    Now more than ever, gender as an analytical concept is being heavily contested from diverse quarters inside as well as outside academia. The panel discussion addresses key questions of how to teach gender as  critical theory in the light of current societal and political tensions on the one hand and institutional constraints inside the university on the other hand. How can we teach “critique”? What does teaching gender mean in terms of methods and topics? And how can we engage in critical research and teaching while responding to societal expectations as to relevant output and knowledge transfer?

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    Histoire des milieux scientifiques en Europe

    Les milieux scientifiques en Euroep, de 1945 aux années soixante

    Appel à contribution : Les milieux scientifiques en Europe, de 1945 aux années soixante La revue Histoire et Sociétés – Revue Européenne d’Histoire Sociale, souhaite consacrer l’un de ses prochains dossiers aux milieux scientifiques européens dans

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