• Avanca

    Call for papers - Information

    Avanca | Cinema 2018

    International Cinema Conference – Art, Technology and Communication

    In 2018, we will be holding the 9th edition of a conference that is becoming a benchmark in the field of film research.The Avanca | Cinema is a meeting point for researchers who intend to disseminate and share their academic research. Having been the first scientific conference to take place within the framework of a film festival, the Avanca | Cinema and the 22nd Avanca 2018 Festival offer a unique atmosphere and a diverse program that includes cinema sessions, workshops, book presentations, round tables, plenary sessions and side events (from gastronomy to concerts).These are 5 days of cinema and truly festive moments ... in the eyes that meet in Avanca, Portugal, in midsummer.

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  • Faro

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Portugal, territory of territories

    IX Portuguese Congress of Sociology

    Hoje, mais do que nunca, importa estudar as variáveis territoriais das formações sociais, uma vez que o espaço atua cada vez mais, a várias escalas, como força de integração, mas também de exclusão, segregação e relegação, contribuindo ativamente para a criação e recomposição de injustiças, de diferenças e de desigualdades. O território não é um mero cenário onde se projetam os atores sociais. Dotado de especificidades, resiste ou favorece as dinâmicas sociais, pela mediação das práticas, pela sua historicidade, pela sua configuração própria, influenciando quer a distribuição dos grupos sociais no espaço, quer as tipologias das formas de habitação, quer mesmo o planeamento e o urbanismo.

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  • Lisbon

    Miscellaneous information - Sociology

    Knowledge for Open and Inclusive Societies

    Inter-university Programme en Sociology

    The vision of the PhD programme is framed in its title: “Sociology: knowledge for open and inclusive societies” (OpenSoc). We depart from a main strategic assumption: the relevance of the knowledge produced by social sciences (particularly sociology) for understanding and intervening in contemporary reflexive societies. Understanding implies the critique of common sense and taken for granted “prenotions”, as well as the construction of adequate theory and concepts that foster a coherent framework to interpret reality, which is then methodologically put to proof and validated in empirical settings. Fundamental knowledge is to be nurtured by itself; but it also enhances the capacity of translating theory into informed and targetted social action and intervention. Societies need sociology. And sociology feeds society.

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  • Evora

    Call for papers - Sociology

    40 years of democracy (ies): progresses, contradictions and prospects

    VIII Portuguese Sociological Congress

    Portuguese singularity presents today new communication bridges in comparison to other territorial realities, offering itself as a rare laboratory of sociological analysis. Regression phenomenon’s (both structural and dispositional) of articulation of social change’s asynchronous rhythms, of risk proliferation and uncertainty, conflictive conciliation of multiple modernities, within an unfinished one, challenge us to look sociologically at these last 40 years and also to think prospectively on tendencies and future challenges.   

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