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    Call for papers - History

    Workshop on Transnational History of Socialism (Second Half of 19th Century to 1914)

    Two centuries after the birth of Karl Marx, European researchers show a renewed interest in socialism studies. However, this has coincided with the unprecedented decline of the traditional workers’ movement. Frequently, these studies involve an international and transnational dimension. Internationalism can be studied under this light. Using new methods, the current seminar aims to study the relations and differences between socialism and socialists of different nationalities. The framework of the nation-state, still predominant in the studies about the transmission and diffusion of the Left ideas, must be transcended to grasp the global challenge [Middell, 2004]. Moreover, refocusing socialism studies in this global direction means finally exceeding the classic Eurocentric vision.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Modern

    Research grant at the historic mission of the Banque de France (2016/2017)

    La Mission historique de la Banque de France propose chaque année des allocations de recherche en histoire qui s’adressent à des étudiants régulièrement inscrits en mastère 1 ou 2, en thèse ou en année post-doctorale et relevant des disciplines suivantes : histoire, sociologie, sciences politiques, sciences économiques, droit et gestion.

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