• Maputo

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Municipalisation and urban management in Mozambique

    Le Mozambique est encore très largement géré par l'administration de l'État central: il n'y a que 58 municipalités, toutes urbaines. La questionne est donc très politique, puisque toute avancée de la municipalisation permet à l'opposition d'acquérir plus de poids, même si le parti au pouvoir garde le contrôle sur la majorité d'entre elles. Ce colloque international aura lieu une dizaine de jours après la tenue des élections municipales d'octobre 2018, qui seront un test grandeur nature pour les élections présidentielles et législatives de l'année suivante...

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  • Plouzané | Porspoder

    Summer School - Political studies

    Governance of socio-ecological systems

    Exploring the land-ocean continuum: Coastal zones, river deltas, islands and wetlands

    The European University Institute of the Sea of Brest is hosting a summer school on the governance of socio-ecological systems (GOSES), which is a rapidly emerging issue in many environment related disciplines and especially sustainability science. The GOSES summer school is organized jointly by the CNRS (French National Research Council) and SENSE (Netherlands Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment).

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Nine years and counting: Stephen Harper and the new Canada

    Canadian Studies Review n°78 (June 2015)

    This special issue of Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies intends to explore what’s new in Canada, nine years after the coming to power of the Conservatives, four years after Stephen Harper won the election that gave him a majority government, and at a time when Canada is getting ready for the next federal election. While the contributions are expected to focus on the Conservative initiatives to shape this new Canada, they will also be encouraged to compare them with other societal and global factors that may contribute to a changing Canada.

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  • Paris

    Study days - History

    Debt, Democracy, Citizenship: A Political History of public debts

    Europe, United States, since the late 18th century

    Organized as a workshop, this symposium aims to explore the public debt as the locus for political debates and conflicts. It brings together case studies analyzing aspects of the link between politics (especially in its social or participative dimensions) and the indebtedness of states. The discussions will help shed new light on such central concepts, for our understanding of the modern political world, as sovereignty, citizenship, democracy, and solidarity.

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