• Call for papers - Political studies

    American public diplomacy in the Middle-East

    The inverted pyramid paradigm? Genesis, institutions, strategies and reception

    Politique Américaine, a political science journal published in French on US domestic politics and international strategies launches a call for papers for its special issue on: "American Public Diplomacy in the Middle-East: the inverted pyramid paradigm? Genesis, Institutions, Strategies and Receptions". Next to its impact on governments, public diplomacy is seen as a diplomatic practice aiming at directly or indirectly influencing civil societies. It encompasses all "seductive" strategies that a State implements towards the public opinions of another state or region. The growing importance of this idea highlights the necessity for the main players of international relations to maintain a multi-level dialogue with foreign civil societies in order to anticipate political and social developments initiated by other players than the State itself. 

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  • Manama

    Conference, symposium - Information

    Networking & Sharing

    Second International Conference on New Media - Bahrain University

    Le Département de communication (université de Bahreïn) organise la deuxième édition du colloque international sur les nouveaux médias (réseaux sociaux et partage des informations), qui se tiendra les 6 et 7 avril 2011 à l’université de Bahreïn.

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