• Beitragsaufruf - Politikwissenschaften

    American public diplomacy in the Middle-East

    The inverted pyramid paradigm? Genesis, institutions, strategies and reception

    Politique Américaine, a political science journal published in French on US domestic politics and international strategies launches a call for papers for its special issue on: "American Public Diplomacy in the Middle-East: the inverted pyramid paradigm? Genesis, Institutions, Strategies and Receptions". Next to its impact on governments, public diplomacy is seen as a diplomatic practice aiming at directly or indirectly influencing civil societies. It encompasses all "seductive" strategies that a State implements towards the public opinions of another state or region. The growing importance of this idea highlights the necessity for the main players of international relations to maintain a multi-level dialogue with foreign civil societies in order to anticipate political and social developments initiated by other players than the State itself. 

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  • Beirut

    Beitragsaufruf - Neuere und Zeitgeschichte

    Graduate and Postgraduate Programs in Education in Arab Universities: Quality and Added Value

    This conference is organized by the Arab Educational Information Network Shamaa and the Lebanese Association for Educational Studies and will be held in November 2013 in Beirut, Lebanon. The conference's objective is to provide a platform for educational researchers to present their perspectives on the current state of research studies in graduate programs in education and to raise questions regarding the quality of these studies. Papers presented will be subject to peer review process to be eligible for publication in the refereed conference proceedings. We hope that this conference will help capture the current practices in MA and PHD programs in education in the Arab countries, and will allow for a rich professional dialogue among its participants toward developing ideas and recommendations for improving these programs as well as the quality of their graduates and the studies they produce. 

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  • Manama

    Kolloquium - Vermittlung

    Réseaux sociaux et partage des informations

    Deuxième édition du colloque international sur les nouveaux médias

    Le Département de communication (université de Bahreïn) organise la deuxième édition du colloque international sur les nouveaux médias (réseaux sociaux et partage des informations), qui se tiendra les 6 et 7 avril 2011 à l’université de Bahreïn.

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