• Aix-en-Provence

    Conference, symposium - History

    Climate and Societies in the Mediterranean during the Last Two Millennia

    Current State Of Knowledge and Research Perspectives

    This two-day international conference aims to highlight recent and challenging interdisciplinary studies dealing with complex historical climate/society interactions in Mediterranean during the last two millennia. The study of these existing connections can help in better understanding the role played by past climatic events in the eruption of regional conflicts, in forced migration and displacement of people, in periodically appearing infectious disease outbreaks or in subsistence crises like food shortages and famines Similarly, it seems necessary to identify and analyze socio-economic and technological responses (e.g. water supply systems) together with mitigation and general adaptation strategies, insofar as they existed, to cope with climate change.

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  • Lorient

    Study days - History

    History of Port and Coastal Planning, 12th-20th c.

    Technical and Economic Aspects

    Journée de recherche-séminaire du CERHIO (UMR 6258) à l'Université de Bretagne-Sud sur l'histoire des aménagements portuaires et littoraux (XIIe-XXe siècle). Les aspects techniques et économiques seront abordés à travers des études de cas : la baie du Mont Saint-Michel, les assèchements des marais, l'entretien des ports et la création des infrastructures pétrolières.

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