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    The socio-political issues of the MENA region. Development conflicts?

    Le dernier numéro thématique de la Revue internationale de politique de développement (International Development Policy) intitulé Le développement comme champ de bataille (Development as a Battlefield) est une exploration des multiples dimensions que prennent les relations entre conflit et développement. Rejoignez les rédactrices invitées et les auteurs de ce dernier numéro pour une réflexion sur les enjeux sousjacents à l’évolution du développement dans la région MENA. 

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    From the Caucasus to the Arabian Peninsula: studying domestic spaces in the Neolithic

    Under neolithisation scholars understand multiple processes of social and economic transformation which begin at different times and follow regional trends in the Near and Middle East. It is within the complex relational and spatial framework of the household that these shifts in the structure and activities of Neolithic communities are easiest to apprehend and study. The conference will therefore focus on the domestic sphere in order to highlight and understand the polymorphous nature of what we call neolithisation. Various thematic sessions will be held to shed new light on current data: “Impacts of the shift to a sedentary/semi-sedentary lifestyle”; “Organising the house and the household”; “Private space/public space”; “Acquisition, production, transformation and use”; “Eating-Moving”; “Symbolic manifestations”;“The living and the dead”.

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