• Maputo

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Municipalisation and urban management in Mozambique

    Le Mozambique est encore très largement géré par l'administration de l'État central: il n'y a que 58 municipalités, toutes urbaines. La questionne est donc très politique, puisque toute avancée de la municipalisation permet à l'opposition d'acquérir plus de poids, même si le parti au pouvoir garde le contrôle sur la majorité d'entre elles. Ce colloque international aura lieu une dizaine de jours après la tenue des élections municipales d'octobre 2018, qui seront un test grandeur nature pour les élections présidentielles et législatives de l'année suivante...

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  • Nablus

    Call for papers - Modern

    Living, Consuming and Action in Glocal Palestine

    More often than not, Palestine, characterised by conflict, is analysed through the sole lenses of its political or cultural idiosyncrasy. Yet, new ways of living, consuming and acting that are embedded in the global reality, have emerged in the previous years and remained understudied. This global dimension may be understood as an imposed and inescapable reality, yet it is also adopted, integrated, amended and applied to a local dimension, so as to create a purely Palestinian form of it.This event will gather mostly researchers and PhD students in social sciences specialised in Palestine but will also pursue a comparative approach by resorting to other cases in the Middle East, North Africa or Europe. The conference also aims at confronting various approaches at the crossroads between art and science, research and action; it will create the frame for a dialogue between social sciences and the works of artists, architects as well as the new actions and philosophy of citizen and activist societies.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    7th International PhD Seminar Urbanism and Urbanization

    This 7th edition of the U&U International PhD Seminar will be held at the ENSA Paris-Malaquais, under the scientific direction of the Laboratory of Infrastructure and Architecture Planning (LIAT). Continually facing new demands from epistemological or technical society, and now facing an economic and social crisis (especially in Europe), urban planning is forced to question its methods. The Seminar is intended for PhD Students who wish to present their ongoing research questioning aspects of the field of urban planning in a historical perspective, from a theoretical point of view or with a potential for practical implementation. The U&U International PhD Seminars take place exclusively in English and seek to promote the exchange of ideas, provoke debate amongst researchers, invite comparisons, cross-pollinate different disciplines and to highlight the latest ongoing research. It is a rare opportunity offered to young researchers to meet with prominent scientists and build a critical argument.

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  • Monterey Park

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    Sur a sur. The Great Metropolises of the World - 100 Years of Transition

    Ce colloque a réuni des spécialistes de plusieurs régions du monde, avec la finalité de réfléchir sur les transitions qui ont caractérisé les métropoles d'Amérique Centrale, tout au long de ce siècle, ainsi que le Moyen-Orient et l'Asie. Le colloque s'est passé au Colegio Civil Centro Cultural Universitario, dans la ville de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, au Mexique.

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