• Kraków

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Moving Cities: Contested Views on Urban Life

    Contemporary cities are spaces and places traversed by a diversity of movements, making them very special locus for analysing society. In times of digital information, conferences are very important spaces to debate current issues, showcase emerging research and discuss new approaches. Our will is to create a cross-disciplinary space of scientific debate open to sociologists and other scientists from other disciplines interested in analysing and understanding urban life in moving cities around the globe. We welcome papers from young and senior academics developing research on cities and urban life, expecting that everyone can take useful insights to their works from their participation in this conference.

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  • Champs-sur-Marne

    Study days - Asia

    Rural transformation under the process of urbanization

    Mixing methodological approaches in the field of urban studies

    Created in 2008 to open up new venues for a dialogue between France and China on planning issues, the Sino-French Centre for Urban, Regional and Planning Studies has been actively involved in organizing exchange seminars in France and China. The Centre is supported by University Paris East-Créteil and Nanjing University. This year seminar will raise two issues: "rural transformation under the process of urbanization" and "mixing methodological approaches in the field of urban studies".

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  • London

    Call for papers - Geography

    Ambiance and Atmospheres: Encountering New Material Frontiers

    RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2013

    Recent work on affect in Anglophone human geography has opened up new material frontiers by theorizing affective atmospheres (Anderson 2009; Bissell 2010; McCormack 2008). In such work we see an adjustment of thinking towards and around the relations between bodies and their environment by considering the ways in which bodies are situated within diffuse, distributed, sensible, and potentially turbulent volumes. Such an emphasis on the atmospheric, taken in both its meteorological and felt/affective sense, is in many ways tied to an expanded conception of materiality that draws attention to “the vibrant, constitutive, aleatory, and even immaterial indices” of materiality and materialization (Coole and Frost 2010: 14; Bennett 2010).

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