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    Call for papers - Geography

    Ambiance and Atmospheres: Encountering New Material Frontiers

    RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2013

    Recent work on affect in Anglophone human geography has opened up new material frontiers by theorizing affective atmospheres (Anderson 2009; Bissell 2010; McCormack 2008). In such work we see an adjustment of thinking towards and around the relations between bodies and their environment by considering the ways in which bodies are situated within diffuse, distributed, sensible, and potentially turbulent volumes. Such an emphasis on the atmospheric, taken in both its meteorological and felt/affective sense, is in many ways tied to an expanded conception of materiality that draws attention to “the vibrant, constitutive, aleatory, and even immaterial indices” of materiality and materialization (Coole and Frost 2010: 14; Bennett 2010).

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