• Paris

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Observation and its Angles

    Call for papers from Espaces et Sociétés

    A fundamental tool in the approach to space and in the relationships that societies maintain with it, direct observation or in situ is only simple in appearance Espaces et Sociétés thus invites authors to think about the way they have mobilized observation in their research. More specifically, we wish to explore the hypothesis that the plurality of the theoretical and technical declensions of observation are particularly striking when this concerns spaces, their configurations and their uses. What status does observation grant to space? What are the original manners to grasp places and the social activities which produce them? What are the criteria of validity of this method? Which criticisms can we address to observation as a method ?

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  • Évreux

    Study days - Urban studies

    Creative industries and cultural marketing

    3rd Ebroician research days at the NIMEC laboratory

    Après une première journée en 2012 sur les sciences de gestion, puis une deuxième sur le tourisme, le laboratoire NIMEC propose cette année une journée d'étude sur les industries créatives et le marketing culturel. Il s'agit de s'intéresser à la dimension culturelle de la créativité sous de multiples formes, pour cela, six interventions sont prévues sur un après-midi : quatre scientifiques, une par un professionnel du plus grand événement culturel du département de l'Eure, une par des étudiants qui s'intéressent au site artistique du moulin d'Andé.

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  • Strasbourg

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    International comparison: methods and challenges

    Journal Espaces et sociétés

    Espaces et sociétés raises the issue of the aims of international comparison in its specific scientific field: the relationship between societies and their spaces. This themed issue intends to discuss the challenges and methodologies at stake in comparative research. The aim is not to present data extracted from an international comparison, but to focus on the epistemological and methodological challenges in the process of their production.

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