• Villetaneuse

    Conference, symposium - Economy

    Predatory state

    This symposium is part of a recent and very dynamic renewal of research on the State in economics involving a critical examination of two dominant postulates of the discipline: 1) the assumption of an apolitical State or a benevolent dictatorship which pursues no private interest maximizing the general interest. 2) The assumption of “soft trade”, i.e. the exclusion of social conflicts, inter-state and intra-state wars in the presence of markets. Our discussions aim to explore how the sovereign, prudential, and providential dimensions of the state can be interpreted if these two assumptions are dropped. What is the place of conflictual power in the genesis and evolution of the rules governing the distribution of wealth and economic, social, and ecological development?

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Work in Ethiopia

    Rationalization, dominance and mobilizations

    Work is neither a subject omitted by the research on the Horn of Africa, however this is nor an object of study in its own right. Scholars generally subordinate analysis of work to analysis of development. On the one hand this concept of development is linked with an optimistic vision which highlights the successes of the developmental State implemented in Ethiopia. On the other hand, development is associated to a pessimistic view of the country, focused on poverty reduction.

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  • Rotorua

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Waiora: Promoting planetary health and sustainable development

    23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion.

    The Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, the IUHPE and their partners are looking forward to host this important global public health event, in Rotorua, New Zealand in April 2019. The aim is to provide an unparalleled opportunity to link and demonstrate the contribution of health promotion to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to acknowledge the way SDGs contribute to improvements in health and wellbeing.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    The social responsibility of organisations and companies in French-speaking Africa

    Considering on the one hand, the current global village under construction in which many stakeholders are called to interact towards the realisation of a common destiny and, on the other hand, the concern for the preservation of local ressources, the need for a more concrete implementation emerges from the principle of integration. The objectives of sustainable development (OSD) were thus adopted with the aim, by 2030, to eliminate poverty in all its forms through the promotion of sustainable industrialisation that benefits all, and promotes innovation and research and encourages large companies and transnational corporations to adopt and integrate viable practices. The essential aim of objectives is to create jobs, increase local wealth through gross domestic product (GDP) and more efficient use of ressources through the use of clean, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly technologies and processes.

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  • Berlin

    Summer School - History

    Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices and Emotions

    The spring school Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices, and Emotions invites participants to engage in five days of intensive discussion on the relation between the history of the body, body politics, and film and television in the twentieth century. The spring school will take a transnational perspective and focus particular on developments in Germany, France and Great Britain.

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  • Istanbul

    Call for papers - Geography

    International migration in the XXIst century–II

    The second conference organized by the Research Center of Global Education and Culture of Yeditepe University will be conducted on the theme “International Migration in the XXIst century” with the participation of academicians and international migration specialists. The conference will take place on the 10-11 October 2017, in the Yeditepe University in Istanbul.

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  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Call for papers - History

    Ports et Développement

    V International Colloquium Of The Governance Of The Atlantic Ports (XIVth-XXIst Centuries)

    El objetivo del coloquio es estudiar los puertos desde un punto de vista holístico. Por un lado, se pretende analizar los puertos en tanto que materia de estudio con entidad propia y factor de modernización cultural, socioeconómica, política y tecnológica del área donde se insertan. Por otro, se propone abordar las conexiones entre los puertos atlánticos, los cuales han facilitado los intercambios de mercancías, personas, agentes biológicos o corrientes culturales a través del Océano.

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  • La Defense

    Call for papers - Geography

    Before and after tourism

    The post-tourism future and civil society

    The aim of this call for papers is to elicit experiences and/or analyses of the beginning or end of tourism, as well as interpretations of the end of the differentiation between the tourist and ordinary worlds which we are currently observing. Comparisons and attempts at modelling will be welcome. The papers may be proposed by researchers, practitioners or associations and may be jointly authored. They must deal with one of the three topics described below, which are to be the subject of three successive seminars.

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  • Call for papers - Economy

    Open data and competitive intelligence

    New resources, new uses, new challenges

    The open data movement, which emerged in the USA and the UK in 2009, refers to an organization’s making some of its data (transport, weather, health, public markets, etc.) accessible for reuse by businesses or the public. Beyond the initial challenges related to the transparency of public action, open data are an important source of information. In France, for example, the state makes its data available, start-ups are building innovative services based on open data and historical actors have opened their data to their ecosystem.

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  • Saint-Étienne

    Call for papers - Economy

    Economics and Management of Franchising and Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries

    La franchise et les réseaux de distribution dans les pays émergents

    The aim of the workshop "Franchising and Distribution Networks in Emerging Countries" is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the development of franchising and distribution networks in emerging countries. The theme of franchising and distribution networks is a fertile field of research whose dynamism is manifested globally through regular publications in the best refereed scientific journals in economics and management. This interdisciplinary workshop is foremost, but not exclusively, based on economics and management.

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  • Paris 05 Panthéon

    Call for papers - History

    Europe and the Arabian Peninsula (19th-21th centuries)

    This international workshop will deal with the relations between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula in the Modern Era, from the beginnings of globalization until the most recent economic and strategic developments. In order to study both the evolution and the contents of such relations, two main topics will be given a more particular interest: Cultural and Scientific Relations in connection with the change of mutual understanding from the 19th to the 21th century; Evolution of Economic relations from the 19th to the 21th century.

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  • Call for papers - Education

    Quality Assurance and Value Management in Higher Education

    Quality et conduite de la valeur pour l'enseignement du supérieur (pédagogie, organisation etc.)

    This book will aim to provide identified and relevant proposals of good practices to promote the outcomes and favor the issues of Higher Education providers; proposals that integrate all stakeholders dialogic expectations (the clients: trainers, trainees, companies and society) in a resolutely innovative optical within the sense of sustainability and the EFQM Excellence model. Within theoretical results into perspective by the concrete practice work, clues will be presented to help quality through design process, pedagogy, organization and management for WIL in Higher Education. Value management principles and standards are considered as a global framework to develop such trainings to achieve success in a European Environment (European Standards and Guidelines) but not only: facing uncertainties and constraints. Obviously strategy, policy and leadership have to be considered.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Global diplomacy and natural resources

    Stakes, practices and influences of non-state actors (18th-21st centuries)

    Since the end of the Cold war, the activity of non-State actors has attracted considerable attention as part of an increasingly globalised governance and diplomacy. As Richard Langhorne has remarked, the 1961 Congress of Vienna ‘marked both the culmination and the beginning of the end of classical diplomacy’, in which ‘the State ha[d] been, since the seventeenth century, the principal and sometimes the only, effective actor’. As Langhorne and Hamilton have convincingly argued in The Practice of Diplomacy, today’s diplomacy is characterised by a ‘blurring [of] the distinctions between what is diplomatic activity and what is not, and who, therefore are diplomats and who are not’.Quite revealing of this change on the international diplomatic stage is the proliferation and the increased importance of multifarious non-State actors (NSA). The waning of classical State diplomacy has thus been paralleled by the advent of transnational organisations, which, whether public or private, now play a key role in the conduct of diplomacy.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Call for papers - Economy

    12th cycle of Louis-André Gérard-Varet conference days in Public Economics

    Launched in 2002, this yearly conference aims at encouraging production and diffusion of high quality research in public economics, with a special emphasis toward results that clearly contribute to shed light on various aspects of “real world ” public decision making. In this sense, this conference is in the spirit of the project of developing the Institut d’Economie Publique (IDEP) to which Louis-André Gérard -Varet devoted the last years of his life.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Immigrant entrepreneurship, institutions and development

    Cette publication s’insère dans une perspective socioéconomique des migrations. Elle aborde spécifiquement les contextes sociaux et institutionnels où se développent les entreprises créées par des immigrés. Le livre sera édité par l’Éditorial Comares et coordonné par Fernando López Castellano, Fernando García-Quero et Mourad Aboussi, chercheurs à l’Université de Grenade (Espagne). L'appel à contributions est ouvert jusqu’au 23 décembre 2011. La langue de publication est l’espagnol. Cependant, il est possible d’envoyer des contributions en français et en anglais aux seules fins d’évaluation. En cas d’acceptation, la traduction à l’espagnol devra être remise au comité de coordination dans les délais indiqués ci-dessous.

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