• Manouba

    Call for papers - Geography

    Difficult spaces in the Mediterranean

    Environmental risks, territorial dynamics and the challenge of opening out onto the world

    Ce colloque devrait rassembler des compétences en sciences humaines et sociales de plusieurs pays méditerranéens autour des concepts d'arrière-pays défavorisés, d'enclavement et/ou de marginalité de certaines territoires méditerranéens et leurs conséquences sur l'environnement économique et social local et régional.

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  • Call for papers - Economy

    Post-neo-classical perspectives on economic development: Emerging global cities and varieties of capitalism theorization

    Topical Issue of "Open Economics" Journal

    This topical issue of Open Economics invites submissions that explore both qualitatively and quantitatively how various cities have developed into global hubs of economic activity both historically and contemporaneously. The theoretical and methodological focus of this issue is the application of comparative methods for the purpose of analyzing economic systems in terms that go beyond neo-classical assumptions of economic theory found in conventional macro and micro economics. This also connects to the scholarly discourse on the varieties of capitalism or modernity as a perspective expected to be instructive for considering the preconditions for and effects of the rise of global financial and economic centers, such as London, New York and Hong Kong historically and Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai more recently.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    New Spaces of Collection: Crossing Perspectives on Today ‘Gatherers’

    “EchoGéo” journal n°47 - January-March 2019

    The purpose of this issue of EchoGéo is to initiate an innovative approach toward contemporary practices of collection and their socio-spatial effects. The term ‘collection’ covers a wide panel of processes used for the gathering of valuable materials picked up from localised environments and feeding supra-local trading and production channels. The proposal is to compare two kinds of collection spaces and practices, which seem to be opposed, namely those of medicinal plants’ gatherers and those of urban waste pickers multi-scaled. Through such analogy, whose today’s dynamics are bringing new heuristic interest, the objective is to consider conceptual issues such as marginality, informality, multi-scaled organisation of economic channels, access to resources and value regimes

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  • Tunis

    Call for papers - Geography

    Medium-sized cities and their role in the context of metropolitanisation

    Quel rôle dans le contexte de la métropolisation

    Bien le phénomène de métropolisation où la grande ville confirme sa primauté et son rôle hégémonique, la ville moyenne reste un niveau très adéquat pour comprendre le fonctionnement d’un territoire. Elle demeure une catégorie de villes d’intérêt important quant aux yeux du gouvernement dans sa région qu’a ceux de la plupart des chercheurs travaillant sur les problématiques relatives aux systèmes urbains et aux constructions territoriales.

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