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    The progress of perfected industry

    Workshops and manufactures in the years between the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire (France 1789 – 1815)

    Up until now the revolutionary period has mainly been considered as a period of disruption, especially in the field of luxury industries, which were considered to be at odds with the values of the new emerging social system. It is now possible to show that contrary to this general assumption, continuity can be found in this pivotal period between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The quick re-awakening of the production of luxury goods followed the establishment of the Directoire and its flowering during the Napoleonic years is proof of great flexibility and adjustment to social change and the new paradigms of labor. A number of questions emerge from these observations: what events and changes confronted former royal and later national manufacturers, famous workshops and regional producers in the years between the Ancien Régime and the Bourbon Restoration? In what ways were artists and artisans able to adapt or resign themselves to the new challenges?  But also – to what extent did these events stimulate new modes of creativity and production which would have an impact on the development of industrialization in France?

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